Kuviez Button Up! Bedding

I got an offer to try out Kuviez Button Up! Bedding and while I haven’t had a chance to get around it and since we had an unexpected clogged toilet expense, I won’t be ordering it this month, I thought I would offer it to you readers. So, here are the details!

You have the chance to try out the bedding yourself! They have TWO different styles–and although they are labeled boys and girls, I try not to do the gender thing, so they have the Stars,  Pops and Moons and the Pink Star Wishes.

kuviez.compoppic.phpi=wo710865Boys--Star-Pops-and-Moon-DropsDSC_0342.g4.jpg1403922700 - Google Chrome 6272014 73157 PM.bmp kuviez.compoppic.phpi=wo710865DSC_0482.g4.jpg1403922684 - Google Chrome 6272014 73145 PM.bmpNow the deal does expire at midnight on July 31st, 2014. But, you get 20% off!

Visit Kuviez website and order yours. Use the code Buttons to get your discount!


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