… Overload!

Okay folks…

Well, we’re taking a short break here, before I dive back in. So much going on–I can’t believe it.

We move at the end of next month, trying to plan out the boys homeschooling lessons–Tot School/Preschool for A and Preschool/Kindergarten for L. What a mess!

The weather here has been horrible and the messes just seem to keep piling up! I can’t keep up, folks. I tell ya, I can’t! It’s madness!! 3 children versus 1 mom–you tell me who you think would be winning…

But, any woo–snapping back to reality. Started a bit of a YouTube channel. Nothing super spectacular yet, but we’re working on it. Ordered 100 cucumbers from Safeway–did you go back to make sure you read that right? Yes–I did type 1-0-0. It’s not a typo. We order 100 cucumbers. Now, place your guesses below on how much that is gonna cost us.

We have a birthday party tomorrow–need to run to Target in the morning to get a gift and then to Sam’s Club to grab some food to take there. And if Mr. can’t get work from home, we’ll be taking him to work before all of that too. Oh–and we pick up our 100 cucumbers before we go to the party–need to call the food bank to make sure I can drop them babies off.

Well, lots to do–put away clean clothes, record a new YouTube video–we’re starting Vogust and I think I’ll turn it into Blogust to do something with a daily blog too. I miss here it, folks. I really do.

I mean, come on, y’all are awesome! You read my random ramblings and most of you have signed up to read more–you even get alerts about them! I thank the Lord for people like you. Make my mindless ramblings actually seem important. *insert smiling face*

Oh–and I can show you all the upcycled shirt that I made from Mr’s “too small” shirt. But, for now, it’s time to go chow down another doughnut.

Yep–you read that right too. I picked up doughnuts this morning when we ran out to get milk–oh and found some trashbags that were on closeout at our Fred Meyer store.

Well, enough of the rambling–keep an eye out for our Blogust–coming later tonight! 🙂


And for those who want to jump on board for Blogust–send me your topic ideas and blog site and megeddy@gmail.com. I would love to read them. For now–it’s diaper duty time.

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