Birthday Party, Cucumber Day & Blogust–Day 1

Here, we are simply going to turn the Vlogust topics into Blogust topics. If you want to read a different version of Vlogust, head on over here. Feel free to read, share or ignore the next month, as we go through the our journey and you can read as it unfolds before you. With that, we’ll get started.

Day 1: “ABOUT ME” Blogust KICK OFF 

  • How long have you been a blogger?

I have been a blogger since 2006/2007. This blog itself goes back to… December 2009. So, you can take it either way. I have combine and deleted and tried to clean up my first blog–as a lot of it was old news, not my favorite stuff, etc. Or when combining sites, some of it just didn’t transport well.

If I get around it, I may type up some of the older entries I have and post date them, but for now, this starts at December 2009.

  • Does your family know you blog?

Yes. Most of my family knows I blog. My husband’s ex found it and knew quite a bit about me when we first got together–long story. But, my mom, sisters, employer, friends, etc. They know I blog. They actually found it, some of them, before I got around to telling them. But, I don’t usually go around announcing it, as I enjoy keeping this a tad anonymous and being free to express myself.

  • Is this your first time doing Blogust?

Yes. This is my first time actually taking a month to write about different topics and see how it goes. I am using this time as a bit of a relaxed time. I want to be writing, but we have so much going on these next few months, sometimes it’s just hard to think about topics other than “…children have made me loss my sanity, move isn’t going well, I hate money…” You can probably get the picture.

  • Do you predict you’ll make a post every day in August?

I honestly, don’t know. I think it’ll be easier for me to do Blogust than Vlogust. I get up earlier than Mr.–almost every day–so, that gives me a good 3-6 hours in the morning to get them done, depending on the day. But, it will also depend on the attitude of children–I saw this after Z was losing all hope in me, wailing at me, while grasping my arm, trying to pull himself up.

We have a birthday party and errands to run today. K-Mart, Sam’s Club, Target, Toys R Us–and all this after I find the stupid card I lost, sometime between last week and this week. Darn you, Murphy’s Laws!

We will be at a birthday party this afternoon for a friend’s gorgeous daughter, she turned the big 4! Woo hoo! I think the boys will be excited when we head over–I haven’t told them yet, as I am not much for getting them hyped up and we were waiting for Mr’s work-from-home to come through.

Oh! And we get to pick up our 100 FREE cucumbers sometime today–and drop a bunch of them off at the food bank. The rest will come here and be passed out or give to friends and others in need in the area.


But, that’s it for this Blogust. Thanks for reading, folks. Subscribe or just come back for more, if you want to learn more about us.

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