So Caught Up…

I am sitting here with tears waiting to pour, a lump in my throat that will not go away and a breaking heart–because this is so close to my heart. I would sit here and rewrite it all to apply to everything cyber, media or electronic wise. But, I am going to go spend time with my kiddos–however, I needed to share this with you too.

We get so caught up in our own lives, we don’t really realize what is going on.


Yesterday, a Facebook friend put up a picture of her beautiful baby girl. I quickly looked at it thinking, “Aw! Kiddos take the cutest naps.”, liked it and went on my way.


This morning, I am sitting here for a few more moments, before I go hug our little people and ignore everything, except them–the house and everything else–to tell you this… Flipping through Facebook, I came across a new post talking about “walking with Jesus” and I choked. I went to her profile and began searching for answers trying to figure out what I had missed.


I had simply glanced at what she and written. She had announced yesterday, on that same picture I had liked, that her daughter had passed away.


I will not even pretend like I know what they are going through. I know yesterday when Landon was swimming, I was so scared to take my eyes off of him or Ander, as I was afraid they would get in the water and I wouldn’t be there to rescue them. But, to have actually lost a child–no one should have to face that pain.


Please pray for their family and for other parents who have faced this tragedy. Every time I read something like these, I am always amazed at how strong my mom is–she has been put through so much and managed to let her other children know that we are so loved, even after facing this twice herself.


If you learn nothing else from this–first, hold tight to those you love. It’s okay to disagree and have rough patches, but make sure your children, spouse and all your loved ones know that you love them. Second, read what people say, carefully. Pay attention. You never know when you might miss someone’s cry for help–whether it’s to prevent a life from being lost or to comfort those who have lost someone in a tragic accident.


With that–it is time to ignore Facebook, to hold tight to my kiddos and to make sure that they know I love spending every second I can with them.


I encourage you to do the same.

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