Updates, 3 Hours of Sunshine, End Results & Blogust–Day 2

Okay, so here it is–most of you might have read about the 100 cucumbers we ordered on from Safeway, that were complete FREE!!!

Well, you could get them too, if you have the Personalized Price or the 2/$1 sale at your store and the $.50/1 coupon on your card. Just load them on and be on your way. The coupon does say “one-time” use, but it just means one transaction. You can use it for as many as you want–Hurray!


I need to remember to pick ours up tonight, after Mr. gets off work… I meant to get them yesterday, before the birthday party, but with so many stores and not much time, I over budgeted stores and under budgeted time. Who else does this–especially with little people?

But, we got done what we needed to and had THREE amazing hours in the sun at the birthday party–after we were an hour later. Got home at 2, when the party was supposed to start, unloaded groceries and was on our way at 2:30 (ish). Got halfway there, only to turn around because I realized I forgot the cooler (2:45) and managed to get there finally (3:05). Thank goodness for living semi-close.


We ended the day with a few ouchies, A biffed it, Z has a bit of a sunburn on his shoulders and neck (bad mommy, I know) and L has a tan going on. We made it home, A and Z passed out on the way. A went into our bed and Z woke up right away.

Today, we have overly hyper children and I am thinking another day in the sun (backyard or something), but with a lot of sunscreen.


So, Day 2 is all about Swimwear Show and Tell. And yeah, I really should’ve just done this yesterday, when I had the time, but I was running around like crazy and didn’t think too much about it until recently. So, it’s dirty–if you can’t tell in the picture. But, that’s it. swimwear (4)

Some of you may think that it doesn’t count as a swimsuit, but I pair it with a tanktop and undergarments. I haven’t been able to find a swimsuit for myself and I am not willing to pay $40+ just to find something that would hold me.

Plus, I am in the “get a little more fit” mode before I put myself in a two-piece. And I don’t want to walk around in a two-piece around other people. So, I choose to wear shorts and a tank. Almost always have. Haven’t worn a swimsuit since before I got pregnant and it was so uncomfortable. But, one-piece over bikini, I would probably do a bikini and just cover it with other clothes.

As far as wearing my swimsuit, I wear it, maybe once a month, when we go swimming over at our friends’ apartment complex. That will probably become more often, when Mr is working from home and we actually have transportation or next spring, when I beg for him to invest in a bigger car. But, otherwise, it’s about once a month.

I bought these from Target. They were on clearance–I think I paid about $14 for both of them. Honestly, I don’t really ever get new ones. I mean, if the clothes I am wearing to swim in get too big or too small, then I will buy new ones or if I lost them. But, usually, I try not to splurge on myself too much. I may try to find an actually bikini when the end of this summer comes around and everything goes on clearance, but with a well-endowed chest, it can be challenging.

If you have a well-endowed chest too, please share you tips. It’s getting ridiculous!

swimwear (1)And now for the little people’s this one was Z’s yesterday. Now, I had just bought him one from Target, when we went swimming a couple months ago, but he outgrew it quickly. And I only bought one because we didn’t have one for in between 6 months and 2T. So, this is the one that Z used yesterday.


swimwear (2)

This one is one is the one A used–he loves trains or choo-choo‘s, as he calls them. So, they were perfect!


 swimwear (3)



  L used these ones yesterday, but they are actually a 3T as well, so at the end of the summer, I need to invest in some swim trunks for him in 5T. I will probably also look into sizes that go just a little bit bigger as well, in order to start stocking up.




Another item I want to invest in is some floaties. A got in the water yesterday for the first time–all by himself. L is a waterbug and gave me a good heart attack when he was trying to go past the 4ft. mark and started spitting out the water. So, for his safety and my peace of mind, I will also be looking into those this fall.

Two of the ladies that were at the birthday party has floaties like these. 71kd-e6iDEL._SX466_They actually strap onto the child, in the back. They come in all sorts of different designs. Amazon has them ranging in prices from $18-$60. But, I am hoping I can find some at Target for cheaper or even find people who are selling their swim stuff.

These are also lifeguard certified, meaning you can put these on a kid and take them on a boat! That right there is awesome! In other words, means a top notch product! Here’s a few that we found for semi-cheap. But, even that seems expensive!

What are things you look for when summer is wrapping up? Favorite summer clearance finds?



Oh! We also found some of the boys’ birthday/Christmas presents at Target–keep an eye out for the Target 70% off Toy Clearance. There was an entire aisle at our store.

Although, I need to find a new hiding spot. L was trying to open some of them in our bathroom this morning–what a tard!

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