New Journey

Oh my goodness, things got busy around here.

November-December, we were all sick and had family in town. January, L started preschool and we (re)started Dave Ramsey’s “Get out of debt” plan. February-March we were all sick again. We caught some 24 hour flu bug and then colds. The cold turned into pneumonia where A was hospitalized for a week and then Z, L & I had ear infections.

Oh my gosh it’s been insane! But, we’re all healthier, home now and loving it.

I have a list of goals that I am going to start working into life and one of those is to get back into blogging. It’s very therapeutic–believe it or not. But, the rest of what I had planned for today will have to wait until later.

Z is crying and I am going to guess it’s time for lunch and a nap for him (even though it’s almost 5pm).

Lots more to come later.

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