Recap: Jan-Mar

Z is “napping” at 7:30 at night, so I wanted to do a quick recap of the last three months before I start blogging about our Dave Ramsey journey.

I love watching YouTube channels and one of the most recent channels I found is actually why I have decided to start blogging about it.

So, here goes how the journey started, etc.

Just before January, a childhood friend added me to a couple different groups. She added me to the first one called “No Spend Challenge” (via Facebook) and a handful of other Dave Ramsey groups and we hit the ground running. I had gotten laid off from a being a gymnastic coach after working 4 days in a month–with family up here and all the kiddos sick, it just didn’t work out. But, that wasn’t going to hold us back or anything, as it was all extra income.

We started January with the No Spend Challenge and cut out as many unnecessary things as possible. It wasn’t a perfect month, but we saved over $700 and was able to get our $1,000 for Baby Step #1 of Dave Ramsey’s financial plan in place.

February rolled around and we took a family trip back to our my “hometown” and we spend some time up there, so we didn’t do a No Spend Challenge month, but we were definitely very aware of how much money we blew and it was kind of hard. But, we came home and in March, we used some of that money to finish paying to file adoption papers for Mr to adopt L.

As I mentioned before, last month, we ended up having to hospitalize A for a week (it was horrible!). We went in for a doctor’s appointment Monday because we thought he might have pink eye and his O2 levels were super low (84%). He and I were rushed down to the ER where I had to use a phone to get the keys back to Mr, as we were transported to a Children’s Hospital and were stuck there until Friday afternoon.

We left with A feeling a lot better, but L, Z & I had ear infections–Z had a double (poor kiddo). But, let me tell ya, that whole situation would’ve been a lot worse without the Children’s Hospital and our EF (emergency fund). We were able to focus completely on each other and A. We didn’t have to worry about coming home to cook all kinds of different meals, we just grabbed what was close and ate down there. We were also able to have Mr down there for the whole time (which was a HUGE relief for me) and covered his missed time with the EF.

This last month we raided our savings accounts and our most recent paycheck and got our EF back up. We even got to put a little more towards our current snowball debt (which is awesome!).

We are actually doing pretty well this month, but we’re waiting for the medical bills to come in the mail to find out what we owe.

We also found out about a possible student loan that we skipped over (just forgot about), but we have paid off over $7,300 so far this year. Our goal is to pay off at least $10,000 by the end of the year (we have been averaging about $300-500 a month), which shouldn’t be a problem. But, we’ll see how things are looking at the end of the month (medical bills should be here by then).

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