Back to the Keyboard

It has been a crazy year and a half. So, let’s start the catch up process.

I got a job end of April ’15, left it April ’16, just before I hit a year–and started a new job April ’16. I work 8:30-5:30 (hour long lunch, which I use to Facebook the hubby and catch up on YouTube videos–mostly the latest, this adorable family, you should check them out!). New job means needing another vehicle, so our debt went up again, but we’re still fighting the good fight of trying to get out of debt.

Much like the last post, we have started the “No Spend Challenge” again this month. So, here it goes. Last time we did pretty good.

This month it has been a little tricky–even just the first 4 days. But, I’ll put all that in a different post.

L is about done with school–2 weeks left (if I remember right). I can’t believe he’ll be in 1st grade next year.

A is still rocking out being a smarty pants and doing well with his glasses. Although we lost one of the lenses last week and almost had to spend $200 on them–not a good day. But, we went back and found it the next day, definitely have somebody upstairs looking out for us.

Z is growing too. He just turned 3, but he’s not talking yet. So, we are considering a speech therapist. He was born tongue tied and I didn’t know much about getting his tongue snipped, but it scared me, so I did everything I could to prevent it–a little worried now that it was the wrong choice, but we’ll figure it out. You do what you think is best in the moment–sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s not.

Mr. got a promotion, so he’s been working all kind of hours. He’ll get home and hang out with me for a few hours and then I’ll go to bed and usually he’s up for another hour or so doing more work.

I don’t think I forgot anything, but if you have questions, leave them below. 🙂



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