No Spend Challenge–“Week 1”

As I mentioned in the other post, we started the “No Spend Challenge” again.

Well, it’s been a crazy first few days…

June 1st: No Spending!

June 2nd: $5 for screws and a screwdriver, so Mr.could put the license plates on his car. (Better than a ticket for them not being on)

June 3rd: Payday! Replenished our Emergency Fund and made sure there’s not other bills that I needed to pay. I’ll pay the babysitter tonight and that’s all for today.

June 3rd (update): Well, surprise, Ryan has a coworker who is quitting, so they’re all going out for lunch today, so some money will be spent there. Our diaper we ordered last month (for this month) never showed up, so had to send our babysitter out to buy diapers ($40) that wasn’t planned.

Upside is–after all this, I decided today has been rough. I feel like crap, I’ll use a coupon at BK, spend $3-6, get some food and some coffee (falling asleep). Driving to one BK, it’s under construction, the one up the hill–it doesn’t exist, so I say forget it. If I see something I know, I’ll get a $1 item. I am not hungry, but I need to eat, so I can make it another 4.5 hours. Well, I lucked out and saw NOTHING! So, back at work. Eating the rest of the rice and milk I brought for breakfast, my turkey stick and a few chips.

Another update–Mr. didn’t end up paying for food, his company footed the bill. However, since it was National Free Donut Day, I was going to use the FREE donut coupon at Safeway and split it between the 3 boys–I didn’t. I bought 4 donuts. Spent $2.25, but I paid with the cash that was in my wallet and not in our budget.

June 4: I was a dumbie–and miss getting discounted/free stuff, so I signed up for some Amazon review products. Not too smart since 75% of them you end up paying a little bit for them. But, I’ll try some of them and if they don’t work–well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
We had some family come into town, so we went out to breakfast–haven’t seen them since they moved and my sister had a little one about 6 weeks ago, so definitely a much needed visit. We won’t get to see them until December for Christmas.
In other words–today was not a good no spend day. But, there is always tomorrow (next week) to start again.
Who’s gonna join No Spend June?

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