Sunday “Funday” Life

Here’s what this Sunday life looked like…

6-8am doze between sleeping and checking on the boys.
9-9:30am check out Facebook, WordPress, Gmail, etc.
9:30-10am wake up Mr., pick up free juice from Buy Nothing site
10-10:15am go to Safeway and to pick up Chinese food, food just starting to come out
10:15-11am doing some (unnecessary) grocery shopping while I wait for food (blew out No Spend Challenge, so starting over today)
11-11:15am finally get Chinese food
11:15-11:30am go home and unload car.
11:30-11:45am put away food
11:45am-1pm watch Criminal Minds and eat Chinese food with Mr., during the last 5-10 mins. Z falls asleep on me

1-2pm move Z off, way to hot! Check out YouTube videos, Facebook, etc., Mr leaves to go hang out with friends
2-4pm lose it. Crazy mental/emotional break down.
4pm pull myself back together after posting here and on Facebook
4-7:30pm rotate between cleaning, watching The Blacklist, playing with the boys, and trying out new bleach cream for mustache and other extra hairy areas–thank you, PCOS!

7:30-8pm call L out to read a book–he actually did pretty good–and prep the boys for bed
8:00-8:30pm Mr. gets home, play with the boys for a bit and get them in bed
8:30-10:30pm watch more Criminal Minds with Mr.
10:30pm get in bed and start looking at Facebook and WordPress one last time, discover huge nasty fly that flies at the screen in the dark, freak out.
10:45-11pm spend some time with Mr. trying to swatch said fly with a pair of shorts and Mr had a sock on his hand
11:30-12pm leave final post/”truth” on Facebook and fall asleep, debate about using PTO tomorrow (today/Monday)

How do you spend your Sundays?

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