Monday Absent Recap

So, not that anyone noticed, but I am not on here on Mondays (probably won’t be most Sundays either). Mr. has Sunday/Monday off and I try to spend all that time with him. But, this is a general idea of what Mondays look like.

Up between 6-7am. Shower if needed and get myself dressed. Once I am, if I have enough time left, I will check out Facebook, Gmail (family daily email) and poke around at some articles that look good.

7-8am is the time I have to get L ready for school, including A and Z dressed (if I can (Mr walks them over after I leave); breakfast for the boys, myself and Mr–sometimes coffee; get lunch packed (if it’s not leftovers just being pulled out of the fridge) and an occasional load of laundry and/or dishes.

8-8:30 usually involved setting in traffic for a while–sometimes it takes me until 8:29/8:30 to make it in the door at work, other times I am there 15 minutes early (gotta love it!) If I get there early enough, I can enjoy my breakfast–however, this Monday I forgot it.

Funny story involving emails between me and a client…

Yesterday this was in an email…

Client–“Hope you have a nice Monday morning ( if Monday morning can be nice at all ….lol)”

Me–“Hope you had a good weekend and are enjoying a new week as well. (Other than leaving my breakfast at home, it’s a good day.)”


Client–“…and …I hope you got your breakfast today 🙂

I love this job sometimes.

8:30am-12/12:30pm involves work–entering orders, taking care of emails, answering the phone, etc. One 10 minute break wherever in there.

12-1:30pm is when I get to take lunch. Usually when I call Mr for a bit.

1:30-5:30pm same stuff as above–except this Monday I got asked to clean out our VP of Sales office…

Direct quote from my Facebook status…

“VP sales office is not to the point I would like it, but I did everything I can.

I sorted and organized papers, tried to clear off the bookshelves and got told I can’t touch them–our CEO is going to.

So, my job is done.

It still looks like a pig pen–but, at least the desk is cleaned out.”

5:30-5:45/6pm is making my way home–depending on traffic and the route, I get home somewhere in here.

6-6:30pm say hi to boys, Mr, etc. potty break, short play burst, relax and stretch for a bit.

6:30-7pm, it’s time to make dinner. Last time I took the lazy way, as our skillet was dirty–see below.

7-8pm we eat dinner and clean up the food, usually watch some TV–Criminal Minds.

Optional: 7:30pm Mr. goes to be nerdy and hang out with some friends, it varies.

Updated to include the rest of dinner…


Spinach, tomatoes, banana peppers and feta cheese–we usually use turkey bacon. Last time we made it we used some marked down Chorizo–super yummy!! This time, since it’s no spend and trying to not buy us food until all our food is gone, we used some breakfast sausage I bought for $1 in the last couple of months.

8-8:30pm get the kiddos ready for bed and all tucked in.

8:30-10/10:30pm (sometimes 11) we watch some more Criminal Minds.

Then, it’s bed time–occasionally it’ll be shower time if I need one and I am super awake still and don’t wanna get one in the morning. But, not lately, as I like really hot showers and it’s still too warm for one–finally starting to cool off around this time.

What do your Mondays look like?

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