Blogmas Day Zero–No Spend Challenge December 

Day Zero, as December isn’t for another 30 minutes here and we did all this today. 🙂

We do Christmas pajamas every year, this year, we’re going to have matching family pajamas! With out No Spend this year — and since I’ve had this fabric for 5 years, i pulled this out to finally use. Both the boys and Mr. are excited. I have half of one pair done. I am going to go to the thrift store down the road and buy some blank shirts and useprintable iron ones to finish the shirts. Winning! Should be about $10-20 for all 5 pairs of Jammie’s

I put the ribbon I bought on the tree to finish it off, since I used the garland on the mantle and around the sign above the TV.

We continued the day with picking up Christmas lights from a Buy Nothing neighbor and put them up in the kitchen and the living room. L was so excited because the ones in the living room twinkle and flash, speed control. So fun!

L’s reaction was worth it, as I had to climb six flights of stairs to get up four floors high. Here’s the hardest part… I am 25 years old and I am terrified of heights. I was basically hugging the wall when I got to the last part. I got inside and got halfway through the apartments and found out they had a freaking elevator. So, I took it down… it clanked and groaned the whole way. I was praying I wouldn’t plummet to my death–no joke. Overactive imagination.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

After the lights were up, we ate some ice cream–A unwrapped four drumsticks and put them back in the freezer. One of which was melting and went down the bread and a few other items, but not too bad considering.  I ate two and Zyren ate one of the others.

Boys got baths and helped me clean the house a little bit.

It was bedtime before they knew it. They passed out, with some resistance, and Z waited until after Mr. was home, but they’re sleeping and I got some time to plan our No Spend Challenge Advent. Talk about last minute, but we’re gonna do it! 🙂 So, get ready for 25 (26 including today) days of Blogmas! And feel free to join us. Let us see your pretties! 🙂 

Wishing you all some peppermint cocoa and warm toes.

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