Reset No Spend Challenge

101bbe298f07bfe7a578dc5c7d0eda5bTrying to do Vlog and Blog our No Spend Challenge was a flop. Not only did I not even make it on here, I barely make it onto YouTube most days. I think we’re sticking with here for the most part.

I’ll put little clips up of the boys on YouTube, but I prefer to just get the words out here. That and who the f*** wants to ugly cry for the world to see. šŸ˜‰

In all seriousness, I have set a goal for myself (and my family) for the year of 2017. It may not happen until 2018, but we’ll be using the next few months to prep for the big picture.

This goal is a very “American” dream–I want us to be able to buy a house. If we can get our credit score up (just a little bit) and get approved for the mortgage that we would need for the house I found, we could save $300 (for house repairs, etc.) and invest what we are currently paying on rent, into our future. We want our kiddos to have somewhere to grow up and make memories.

I am not ready to drag L out of his school. He has friends and I want him to have those relationships that some kids do–those friendships since Kindergarten/First Grade. I didn’t have those and I want him to.

It’s a rough start–planning out bills and realizing that I miscalculated some bills and having to borrow some money from a payday advance place. Ugh! But, at least we have this option.

I had plans to use January, February, and March to pay down the credit card and bust our credit score, but as the hits keep coming, I think we’ll use these next few months to pay off a medical bill that hit collections and my school bills (as I dropped out of school). Three months to get just over $1100 paid off. That’s roughly $367 a month.

I believe we can do it, but it’s going to various as our bills do. So, here’s to the first month of working hard to keep our bills low and paying off $1100 in 3 months. I’ll try to share our No Spend Journey as I can. šŸ™‚ And keep you up to date on the progress every Friday or Thursday (paydays).

Who’s out there doing a No Spend with us?


Got a refund from Mr’s dentist in MT this week, that I forgot to mention, so it helps a bit.
We also need to pay back the personal loan we took out, so we’re looking at $467/mo.

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