No Spend – Day 2

Ugh ! Today and I have a love-hate relationship with No Spend. I started strong. Cleaning, checking balance on gift cards that Mr has accumulated in his walllet ($2.56-on 3 gift cards for Chipotle’s), downgraded Netflix (save $4-5), cancelled my Audible books membership with Amazon, and Ryan had the day off (Christmas was his regular day off–saved a day of gas).  Totaled about +$25.

I  organized the freezers…

I continued cleaning house and found a check that i had forgotten about–woo-hoo! +$70
After that, it went downhill… I tried to eat some leftovers for dinner. They tasted old and dusty… and I kept getting bites of mushrooms. Almost puked! I wanted it to taste good, but it was horrible…

I ended up throwing it away… I hate that I did, but I couldn’t stomach it. It was barely 3-4 days old and it was awful… so, I ate pasta with butter and garlic powder with some corn for dinner. 
I figured it was better than nothing, used up leftovers–night couldn’t get any worse, right?

Wrong… my stupid bum decided that it was a good idea to get on Facebook and I started in on my side business.

I tried some body wash we had on the shelf and it was so blah compared to the body wash I was using, so I figured I’d place an order and use points. Well, stupid me started talking to people and an old product got relaunched, so I decided I’d order that and a few other things while I was at it… Idiot.

Before I even hit the “place order” button, I knew it was a bad idea, that I shouldn’t do it and I’d have to blab about it here. (Le sigh.) –$106
I do make money on what I bought–about +$18-20.

I’ll be getting rid of the body wash that I don’t like and giving it to someone in our Buy Nothing group.

Did I mention that we have been getting low and just ran out of dishwasher tablets? Well, we used the last one yesterday. So, I ordered stuff to try and. She tablets ourselves. Should be about $1-2 for the same amount of tablets that we get at the store for $10 or so… Spent -$45.
I ordered citrus acid, dish soap (2 bottles-almost out), and two silicon molds.

I just bought baking soda, so I can hold off until next month or April , depending.

I should know exactly when once the stuff gets here and I make the first batch–Thursday or Friday. I’ll share the link for the recipe and my luck. And how they work.

The upside of today was drinking some yummy tea that my mom sent us. It was delicious! I’ve been drinking th blackberry and pomegranate, but found this one hidden in there too. Yum!

$40-60 difference between what we saved and I spent… ugh! Going to try and find some way to make up the difference.

It will roughly be made up in 6-8 months, if the dish tablets work well, but… oh, I need to do something. Time to start looking.

Babysitting, donate plasma… who knows.

Ended the night with a some tea, mascato, raspberries, and some lemon juice.


“Midnight” update–Never thought I’d be so thankful for accidentally putting a pea in my Mom’s ear.

Changed Z’s diaper tonight and noticed the inside of this nostril was orange. He had been laying next to me on the bed earlier and sounding like he was getting sick and I figured I was seeing things, booger or whatever. Looked again and sure enough, it was orange. I pushed on the outside of this nostril a little and he hated it! With Mr’s help and some tweezers, we were able to get a little circle Lego–one from L’s new set–out of his nose.

No early morning hour visit to the ER! Thank you, Jesus!

Total Spent: $151

Total Saved/Found: $95

Total Paid on Debt Goal: $0

(Good) No Spend Days: 1

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