No Spend – Day 3

Oh man, it has been a day. But, a friend share an amazing video with me and gave me some motivation to keep going. 

I finally used some of the free papaya, discounted raspberries, and free protein powder (I got from our Buy Nothing group) and had some for breakfast. 

Zyren seemed to enjoy it a little bit too. But, ended up dumping his second glass in a bowl. 

I had some downtime and upcycled some mugs my sister made us three years ago. But, because I wash everything in the dishwasher, it wore off. 

Only downsize, although it’s a super simple method (nail polish in water), it was messier than I thought. But, I spent $0. 

Large nail polish assortment came from my sister, already had the mugs–just ruined a container. Lmao! We spent about $150 last week on groceries to last two weeks, which has worked so far. I am finishing up the meal plan at the moment. I made Mongolian ramen noodles–one with chicken and one with beef, as I can’t eat red meat.

The skirt steak was discounted– 50% off. So, I bought three. I had two left, used one for this.

It’s been an interesting day. Only downside, changing your eat habits means you get super gassy and bloated for the first few days. L asked me why my belly was so big and asked if there was going to be a baby in it. 

Upside of the day… Spring is around the corner. Almost time to start seedlings–and plant these bad boys! 

And I found these pretty things that I thought about making and selling, but realized that since everyone can do it… may not be a good idea. Who knows.

I finally got my mom’s Christmas present ordered–free calendar. So, I spent $7.66 on shipping, but I still consider this a good day. 

I took what we had in savings and on the HSA card and made a payment to our medical bill in collections. I also noticed that the bill went up $104, so Mr or I will have to call them tomorrow and figure out if they’ll get rid of that or not. Or I may just make payments to the original company. But, we’ll see. Fingers crossed.

 Now to go eat the apple pie and ice cream.

Total Spent: $7.66
Total Saved/Found: $0
Total Paid on Debt Goal: $84.47

(Good) No Spend Days: 2

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