No Spend – Day 4

Today was a rough day emotionally, physically and mentally. I had prepared the boys and myself to go out to pick up some free vegetables from a lady in our local Buy Nothing group. But, as we got out to the car, it wouldn’t start–again. I went to call the tow truck company and my phone had a low battery. But, managed to last long enough to call our insurance company.

The boys elected to wait in the car and one hour and fifteen minutes later, the tow truck arrived. At first, I was pissed when they finally showed up because they said one hour. The boys and I were cold and cranky. But, it was our own fault. Turns out the tow truck driver had stopped and gotten some gummy worms and offered some to the boys, who were thrilled.

It was a good hour of playing games (I spy) and L eating newspaper (candy). But, we were all hungry and ready to go.

Unfortunately, when I went to the house for the free veggies, all I saw was a pile of compost and walked away frustrated, as I had thought the free veggies were from God (whoever your higher power is) since we took a leap and paid money towards our debt. I still believe it was. Just my fault for being unaware when I went to the house. Other people got some amazing looking vegetables. Now I know for next time.

I do believe it was from God, but wasn’t meant for us, at least right now.

We did some grocery shopping and I was frustrated, hungry, and the phone had died by then, so I didn’t add everything up and we ended up spending $53.83 of our $60 two week budget, at a new store.

I don’t plan on going back there any time soon, as I feel like the prices were a bit of a rip off, but the stuff we got had good prices. Plus, it gave me some comfort food for dinner, without breaking the budget and we haven’t had Mr’s nachos in a while–all excuses, I know.
 The boys all ended up napping after the first stop, so it was a fairly peaceful time for all. (Insert evil laugh) It wasn’t a completely wasted day. I got the three little Christmas trees for the boys to decorate next year, a new pair of shoes for me, and a bunch of bread and a couple packs of bear claws–all FREE! 

The day ended on a good note, overall. But, I am definitely learning that even if things don’t go as planned, I can’t just say F it and just spend whatever.

I went into the store needing only milk, with a budget of $30. But, we’ll take the rest out of next week’s budget and be on track.

Mr came home early and L helped me clean some house with A. Got this picture of L reminding me to be more present and remember the presents I’ve already been given.

I found a couple posts about decluttering, so we’ll be working on this in conjunction (anyone else start singing the song) with our No Spend Challenge. See below for a couple ideas.

This all fits into what I’ve been working towards for many years. Day 1 of purging starts tomorrow (day 5).

Total Spent: $53.83
Total Saved/Found: $0
Total Paid on Debt Goal: $84.47

(Good) No Spend Days: 3

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