No Spend – Day 5

Yesterday is what I needed after Thursday. I got a lot of decluttering done and thankfully people picked it up same day or I dropped it off.

We got a Christmas box from my sister with whistles and candy for the boys; gloves, a beanie, leggings, and workout clothes for me. 

Talk about spoiled! I wore all of it last night to work and loved it!

Zyren lucked out and this adorable shirt fit him. Or at least, first dibs. Super cute shirt! Fun story, my sister used cupcakes to design a face like this for the “groom’s cake”.

The day continued with its awesomeness when we got FREE coffee to last us until the end of our 95 days, I also got free egg cartons for starting seedlings for the garden next month. img_0513I did end up spending $10.05 on gas, but it was in budget. Mr also had to fill up, so I wouldn’t get into an empty car last night for work, $22.25. 

The stuff for the dishwasher tablets finally came in and we got two batches of them made–about 1/4 of the cost of Cascade dishwasher tablets. I ran a load with the tablet yesterday and don’t have too many issues. One dish didn’t get super cleaned, but I loaded to poorly, so we’ll try again today or tomorrow–depends on dishes.

 L helped me make Mr a cake for his birthday. Pinterest chocolate sponge cake and buttercream chocolate frosting.

The kiddos wanted a football, I wanted to make a heart cake, and Mr wanted chocolate.

No Spend birthday–great timing, right?! Well, it worked out, we had the stuff for the cake and one of Mr’s Christmas presents showed up yesterday. An amazing, weird body massager–helps with diarrhea, insomnia, menstral cramps, irregular periods, and more–or so it says.

Overall, a good day.

I did find out that I put the address in wrong for my Mom’s Christmas present… I had to reorder it twice, so I forgot to change the address the last time and they are sending it to us. So, it’ll be a few more dollars, but I can mail my sisters’ ornaments with it. So, I figure another $10 or so in shipping.

Total Spent: $32.30 (gas-in budget)

Total Saved/Found: $16-21 (coffee); $5-7 (dishwasher tablets)

Total Paid on Debt Goal: $84.47

(Good) No Spend Days: 4

I did not put how much the gloves, leggings, beanie, etc. cost, but it definitely saves a lot of money–whether the gloves get used for gardening or for work, we will see.

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