No Spend – Day 10-15

Well, it has obviously need another week–but, it was a rough week, so I didn’t get my daily blog up. But, trying to get back into it. 

Day 10 – 1/4/17

We were very blessed today. 

I hit up our bread closet neighbors and stocked up. Enough English muffins for DH’s breakfast for the next week or so, he’s pick up cheese tonight to finish them up.

Food from a neighbor who has been told by her doctor that she needs to change her diet.

Boullion from the friend who gave us spinach, turkey, and turkey stock yesterday–she need help picking this up from a neighbor and it was on my way.

We got a new computer chair and a backpack that I’ve been wanting for my stuff I take to work. 
I did spend about $9 on some food for lunch, as we got a late start and the kiddos and I still had more to do. 

I don’t know what today is–it was successful, as we got stuff we needed. But, my spending on food for kiddos and my husband’s planned lunch as almost $5 more than normal. Bleh!

I want to say win, but I feel like it was more a No Spend Fail… I did leave a bit of a cushion. So, we’ll pull it from that and consider it a win and lesson learned–bring snacks next time. 

Well, tomorrow is a new day, regardless. Mr stopped at the store and bought some cream cheese for our free bagels, a couple teas, and cheese for his breakfast sandwiches. Unfortunately, I planned poorly and during more errands, I stopped and Burger King for the kiddos. 

Spent $9.44

Day 11 – 1/5/17

I had planned to take my kiddos to the store, as we’re running out of some of the limited foods they will eat. But, our middle kiddo didn’t wanna go and the meat purchase this morning and we reevaluating if we needed the items and if we could substitute or come up with other meals.

So, tonight the kiddos wanted pancakes. Regular and chocolate, used up the last of our cocoa powder. 

Reducing some raspberries to be syrup and topping the pancakes with this and cool whip.

It’s been a long day/week and my work “week” (three days of weird shifts) starts tomorrow. 

Spent part of our grocery budget on meat, we’re almost out and my husband has to have some due to health reasons.

So, reworking the meal plan to use this up too. Less than $38 for $70+ worth of meat. 

I also bought a carton of whip cream for $.85 to use with some pumpkin 🎃 pancake mix we got. Little treat for everyone when we need it.

Grocery budget is $30-50 a week. So, need to reevaluate today and get anything we need tomorrow or this weekend.

Good day! ❤️ Aiming for 7 in a row. That’s seems to be our breaking point. One oops a week–today is the fourth good day in a row. 🙂

Spent $38.20

Saved $37.37 (on meat alone)

Day 12 & 13 – 1/6/17 & 1/7/17

I spent $4 at the stinking vending machines last night/this morning, but I didn’t think I was going to be hungry at 2:30am after eating dinner just before work. I was nauseated and my eyes were burning, so I got a drink and some of the healthier snacks they had. Oh well, I’ll just take it out of the food budget and make sure to take granola bars in case it happens again.

Finished up the Lego table for my kiddos. My goal today was to remove the paint from the top and this side. But, our middle kiddo wanted to keep the butterflies and oldest liked the circles on top–which we covered.

I probably should’ve used some special glue, but for now, hot glue did the trick.

I used two gray Lego bases we already had and cut down the one that was the most cracked and melted to fit around the other plate. 

Z is already playing on it, so I consider it a win already. 

Earlier this month/last month sometime, I had found the perfect coffee table for $20, glue for $5-10, and more for the rest of the supplies, to make it Pinterest worthy. 

Well, I said to heck with that and $0 were spent. No spend win!

Now to move it into their room and get the Legos organized on the shelves. 🙂

Spent: $4.00

Day 13-14

I went from struggling with the complications of having PCOS to struggling with a stupid cold. 🙄 Sore throat started Saturday morning at work, but I slept it off that night. But, it came back last night. I almost had a cave and order food, but thankfully, my husband is on board and was willing to eat something super easy. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sleep off the sore throat… So, redoing the meal plan to including mostly easy food.

Day 15

I went grocery shopping today–finally. No work the last two days, with being sick, so it’s gonna be tight at the end of the month, but we’ll make it work.

I spent about $40 at the grocery store and that leaves no wiggle room for the week, so we’ll be home, trying to plan out how to make up this money and not need anything until Friday. 

I am not too worried, as we have enough food here and I spent $9.00 on some stuff from Green Chef and it should be here Friday for Mr to eat. Mr filled his car up recently, so I don’t think we’ll need more before Friday, Skype renewed, and like I said, I got the groceries we need, so tomorrow will be looking up recipes that Mr might like, as my meal plan before was not “appetizing” to him, so we’re back to square one..

I forgot to add that I picked up a free portable propane BBQ , like this one. Saving at least $80.

Total Spent: $64.44

Total Saved/Found: $137.37. ($80 on grill) $37.37 (on meat) (& about $20 on the skillet–if not more) 

Total Paid on Debt Goal: $84.47

(Good) No Spend Days: 13/15

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