Brain Dump

Started working in March and all this kind of took a back burner. But, I find myself struggling with anxiety and hoping that by taking a few minutes every so often to just “bleh here’s life”, I’ll be able to get better control of my head and emotions while I wait to go see a shrink–after all this is supposed to be the “Bad & Good”.

Little back story, the store my team (new job that was started in March) was working at was robbed while we were there. I didn’t see anything, but I was hiding with two employees uncontrollably shaking as I called 9-1-1 and my boss’ boss.

We were given the chance to have Mr’s son here since August and it’s been a challenge–mostly for me. I have a buttons that he pushes and I need to find someone to help me work through them. It’s been a big challenge–big adjustment for all.

On top of all this, my boss is now having health issues and waiting to find out how severe and if she’s going to be out of work for a while–which means me having to train to handle her position just in case she has to be out. Honestly, I am terrified.

Last week I found out that my friend and her husband lost a baby–not known to many, but Mr and I started trying for a babe (probably our last) last December and with my PCOS getting really bad this year–no babe. Leaves me feeling completely broken…

I couldn’t sleep last night with all this going in my head, but hoping this little brain dump will allow for a good night.

Sorry for a literal brain dump–but this is life right now. New family member in the house, possible new role at work, usual financial stress in a new way–and always worried about friends.

Here’s to finish 2018 on a good note, I hope. And 2019 being fabulous.

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