No Spend – Day 4

Today was a rough day emotionally, physically and mentally. I had prepared the boys and myself to go out to pick up some free vegetables from a lady in our local Buy Nothing group. But, as we got out to the car, it wouldn’t start–again. I went to call the tow truck company and my phone had a low battery. But, managed to last long enough to call our insurance company. Continue reading “No Spend – Day 4”

No Spend – Day 1 (Dec. 26th)

Well, we started yesterday, as good as any day to start.

For the most part, it was a success–I’ll actually be putting it down as a successful day, as I forgot to budget money to buy minutes for the Tracfone (which we need for Ryan’s and my work and every day life). So, we spent about $35¬†on minutes, which should last us the month and then some.

We were graciously gifted some food (two boxes of cereal not pictured) from our local Buy Nothing group (huge help on saving money) and I picked it up before work last night. This should (hopefully) keep us out of the stores for the most part. Continue reading “No Spend – Day 1 (Dec. 26th)”