Emotional Healing

I am a hoarder. It is not a “disease”. It is a coping mechanism for those who don’t know how to. So, when you’re watching Hoarders, before you judge, think about that!

So, when you see the posts of boxes of stuff leaving and bags upon bags leaving, that is not just “stuff” leaving. It is emotional baggage. It is hard work and dealing with emotions. It is determination and love for my family.

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Our Crazy Challenge

We have a move coming up and every move, we manage to purge more and more. Well, our last move, when we moved states, we got rid of at least half a garage full of stuff. Since then, we have gotten rid of another (at least) 40 bags. I began our second round and kind of hit a bump along the way–came to a complete halt.

Since then, we have begun looking for a new place–our lease is up here in about 1.5 months and we don’t want to have to move A TON of stuff again. Plus, we’re aiming to get into a smaller place–2 bedrooms, not 3. We found one, well below our price range, but in order to live comfortably in it, we definitely need to purge some more.

Mr. had a crazy idea! So, here it is. As of the stuff we have right now….

  1. 50% of our stuff will be gotten rid of
  2. 25% of our stuff will be sold
  3. 25% of our stuff will be kept

We will be aiming for the bigger categories in our house…

  • Toys
  • Crafts
  • Electronics
  • Clothes
  • Kitchen

Toys update–2 bags this week (and another two bags earlier this year) out of the boys room. As of right now, it’s pretty decent to clean. The puzzles… Those need to be addressed later.

Crafts update— I just took out 5 grocery bags and 4 scrapbooks. I have plans to do more, but at the moment they are sitting where they are. I need to fix our construction paper holders and make 2 quilts.

Electronics update–We have one garbage bag full of cords that we pulled out and I will be running to the recycling center tomorrow.

Clothing update–I pulled out all the clothes we have been hanging onto for Mr, he hasn’t gotten around to wearing. We have downsized the clothes that are too small for all of the boys (Newborn-12 months) and I will be finishing up the 18 month clothes, as Z doesn’t fit in them any more.

Kitchen update–I believe I did this before we moved to the state, but tomorrow, I will be plowing through all of our kitchen stuff and sorting through what we want to keep and what we don’t.


As I do this, I will make a list of things that need to be replaced (after we move, as we are on a strict budget right now) and we will begin replacing old items with new and throwing them out. For example, tupperware, dinnerware and Mr’s clothes are three things I can think of right now.
If you want to join in on the purging fun, by all means dive right in! Feel free to share pictures below or join me as we declutter our house, along with many others in the 40 bags in 40 days group.