No Spend – Day 9

It was another successful day. We may be changing our plans as to what we are working towards with this challenge, but still working hard at it.

We lucked out and met some awesome people here. One lady stopped by and dropped off some turkey, turkey stock, and spinach. 

Two of those are ingredients for the spinach enchiladas that I grew up with, we just need sour cream and cheese, and we can make them. But, we’ll see–wondering if there’s something we can make that won’t require more money.

I do need to get a few things for Mr’s breakfasts. We get free English muffins and I’ve been making egg sandwiches with cheese for his breakfast. Sometimes I do some sausage links on the side, other times it’s just an extra egg.

I spent most of today eating potato soup that I made with what we had in hand–nacho cheese, turkey bacon, French fries, etc.

Also made some stir fry and such, but have to wait to pick up the ketchup to make the sauce.

Total Spent: $0.00
Total Saved/Found: $0

Total Paid on Debt Goal: $84.47

(Good) No Spend Days: 7/9