Parenting Topics for Boys

I have seen so many different posts about how boys should be raised and how they shouldn’t–and ever since the commercial that shows the Nick@Nite comedian saying…

I have 3 kids, that’s a lot for someone in their 20’s.

I have bitten my tongue because we had 4 kids together and I am still in my early 20’s.

Now, I won’t pretend to know everything! because by all means, I don’t. But, I am going to touch on different topics through out this next week or so–and I would love everyone’s opinions on them, when they come up.

I enjoy different views–and often end up talking them through with one of my older sisters and finding a new view. But, would love to see what others think.

Not saying that you will change my opinion or that I want to change yours but, sometimes, seeing another side helps explain boys–cause goodness, we all know that they are just as complicated as us girls are to boys.

So–here’s the list (and in no particular order), please feel free to throw out other ideas.

  • Chores/Responsibility
  • Emotions/Sensitivity
  • Physical Affection/Cuddles, Hugs, & Kisses
  • Revving Engine/Energizer Bunny
  • Too much or too little Masculinity
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Praising Behavior
  • Toy Weapons/Violent Video Games/Swords, Guns, Sticks
  • Disciplining
  • Noise Levels/What’s appropriate
  • Breastfeeding/Formula
  • Not Listening–Disobedient? Or just built that way?
  • ER Visits
  • Dressing Boys
  • Playing Dress-Up
  • Boys Teach You Too

I am sure there will be more topics in there every so often but, as my computer is about to die and a little boy is waiting for me to fill up his bottle with milk–time for dinner.

RE: Boys can be Princesses, TOO!

I am sure you recognize most of the princesses or leading ladies from Disney above.

Now, when I started out to write this blog, I was all gung-ho to show how the world casts all princesses or leading ladies as weak individuals and they have to have the help of a princes or man. I mean, think about it…


Snow White. She does housework all day but, when she is threatened because she’s too beautiful  and “dies”, she is only rescued with a kiss from her true love–a prince.

Cinderella. She’s only “rescued” because she marries a rich prince.


Sure, women have hard times too but–why can’t they show strong women?! 

Now, before you go off on me about the NEW Disney movies, we haven’t seen them. I did Google damsels in distress and it’s a huge topic! But, there are others talking about how Brave and Frozen are improvements; how Pocahontas  and Princess and the Frog  show that Disney grew a brain and started considering how women feel.

To that I say, RIGHT BLOODY ON!!! But, EVERYTHING still shows women as sexual beings. They have to have big chests, revealing shirts–I get that they should look like women and have insecurities and flaws. We ALL done. Which is why I really enjoyed The Croods. She was an oddball but, she has wonderful ideas that helped. The “prince” had ideas too and in the end the “dope of a father” had an amazing idea or two.

However, when I see women featured as sex objects only–it makes me sick to my stomach. I have a hard time watching Mr. play video games sometimes because they are just big breasts, show more cleavage,  kind of women… I want to see someone who is considered an equal. We all talk about how men and women are created equal so– why don’t you bloody well show it?


When L was playing, he was pretending to get run over by their rocking horse, as he was screaming, “Save me, knight. Save me!” Yes, he was only playing but, I want him to understand that women are strong and capable. Sure, they may need help–just like he does sometimes from me. But, they are more than just boobs and baby making machines. They do more than just cleaning the house, cooking food, and changing diapers. They are equal.