Infested Feelings

I feel like the world’s grossest person right now.

Our house isn’t perfect, but we’re not hoarder status any more–even when we had our room that was hoarder status, we never had problems with so many pests.

We had an ant problem when we moved in the first week, dealt with it and now they are back. Plus, we’re 99.99% sure we have fleas and we don’t have pets!

How does that even happen!?

Thanks to the minis for unpacking their lunch containers in their room, leaving breakfast sausage (from who knows when), and misc other food items all over their room, we have ants in their room again. Said ants have now begun migrating to the living room, as I saw a few the other day on the coffee table in the living room.

We’re not gross people. I am not saying our house looks like a magazine or that we could have company drop by at any time and it not look like we’re fighting to stay on top of stuff, but come on…

I don’t understand it. I am dreaming of an igloo for a home right about now.

I feel like that cartoon character, where they’ve reached their limit and something bad is about to happen… “Mommy…”

Happy weekend, folks.

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No Spend – Day 1 (Dec. 26th)

Well, we started yesterday, as good as any day to start.

For the most part, it was a success–I’ll actually be putting it down as a successful day, as I forgot to budget money to buy minutes for the Tracfone (which we need for Ryan’s and my work and every day life). So, we spent about $35 on minutes, which should last us the month and then some.

We were graciously gifted some food (two boxes of cereal not pictured) from our local Buy Nothing group (huge help on saving money) and I picked it up before work last night. This should (hopefully) keep us out of the stores for the most part. Continue reading “No Spend – Day 1 (Dec. 26th)”