Curse the…

Well, I am not cursing at the sky and I am not yelling at… well, I suppose it could be an inanimate object. This sore throat and whatever else kind of sickness that is now in our house.

Grumble, grumble. Finally got my body used to the hours of the day and I had to go get sick… Thankfully, only 2/5 of the family is sick. Going to try and keep it that way. Dosing the one child with meds and the rest with vitamins, sleep, and fluids. If I could, I’d have a sick room and sit the sicker child (the one I watch) in there. Nothing personal but, I just don’t want any more sickness.

Time to grab the Lysol wipes and spray, going to go crazy cleaning all the germs. Spray couches and toys, wipes tables and doorknobs… whatever I can do too keep my kiddos healthy and kick this things butt out off the house…


Tried this, this morning. Throat isn’t as sore and ears don’t feel so weird. Hoping it’ll all pass really fast.

A is saying, “it’s stuck” so gotta run. Wishing you and your family a healthy New Year.

Mystery Monday

Well, last night was ridiculous–I never napped yesterday so, one of the last calls in the Broncos vs. Colts game sent me to bed early & grumpier. I laid down in bed but, ended up getting up & doing 50 crunched to work off my anger.

Then, Z woke up when Mr. came to bed & was awake every hour after that, woke up at 5, & didn’t pass out again until shortly before 7. By then, our two boys were awake & little boy was here. I played doze and panic on the couch for 30 minutes before Mr. got up & went to the store for me, before he had to go to work.

That brings us to about now–praying I don’t have other work today. But, at the same time, hoping it rolls in soon because we could definitely use the money.

Gonna be a long day cause Z doesn’t want to sit but, my achy body can’t stand forever… Time to break the fast, get the boys doing something fun, read some more Fit To Be Tied today, & work on Week 4—My Biggest Weakness.

Wishing you all happy Mondays!