Tuesday–Coffee Relapse


I went for a healthier breakfast today–usually I eat a bunch of quesdillas, but since I started entering my food in an app yesterday, I went over on calories and I didn’t want the strawberries to go bad. I had a turkey stick, because I’ve been told to up my protein levels in the morning.

I haven’t had coffee in a very long time, but I tried it this morning. About 1:30pm, this is how it was going, I made it with probably half of the amount of cream I would

normally use–again the calorie thing… Continue reading “Tuesday–Coffee Relapse”

Treat to Try

Today I decided to clean out my Pinterest pins, boards, etc.–however, some of the pins that I pinned long ago won’t let me move them because they have since then been marked spam so, here’s one of them, because I want to be able to pin it and use it later.

UPDATED: I was able to do a Google Images search and located it but, here’s the recipe. Continue reading “Treat to Try”