No Spend – Day 4

Today was a rough day emotionally, physically and mentally. I had prepared the boys and myself to go out to pick up some free vegetables from a lady in our local Buy Nothing group. But, as we got out to the car, it wouldn’t start–again. I went to call the tow truck company and my phone had a low battery. But, managed to last long enough to call our insurance company. Continue reading “No Spend – Day 4”

We all need days where…

Our kiddos prove that we are not doing things completely wrong.

Mine was today.

A asked for a piece of cheese. I gave him some and continued to make Mr’s breakfast, a few minutes later he was back in the kitchen for more and not thinking about it, I cut him another piece and gave it to him. When I looked over, he still had the first one.

Continue reading “We all need days where…”