Natural Weight Loss Supplement–Raspberry Ketones

Over the last 5 years, I have had a lot of trouble with my weight. Shortly before L’s pregnancy, I was so close to 200 lbs. it wasn’t even funny. During L’s pregnancy, I quickly went over and had trouble keeping the weight on because I was so sick.

Shortly after his delivery, I got an infection at the hospital and dropped 60 lbs. within a couple weeks, as I wasn’t able to keep anything down and could barely walk from one room to the other. I was lucky that my mom and sister were there to help me with L and myself. It was horrible–I remember being tested for H1N1. 

About 6 months after L turned 1, we found out that A was on his way. So, I began gaining weight with another pregnancy, right about the time that I reached about 165 lbs. I had a hard time dropping weight after A. And before we knew it—8-9 months after A came, we found out that Z was on the way. 

I didn’t gain as much weight with Z, but I reached about 190 lbs. I got stuck around 175 lbs and was really bummed. I told myself that I would get more active and everything, but nothing happened until we moved last year. 

We moved here and were in an apartment upstairs for a while. All the walking up and down and eating better helped me drop a few more pounds, but I kept getting stuck at 165 lbs. I was irritated beyond belief and kept trying to change things. But, when living in an apartment, new to the area, babysitting and breastfeeding–kind of unsure about everything, so not much changed.

A couple months ago, my exercises and finally gotten me below 165 lbs and I was thrilled! But, I couldn’t go anywhere else. I got stuck at 148-150 lbs. 

Last month, I got the opportunity to try out Pure Raspberry Ketones from Summit Nutritions. I didn’t think much off them, but I tried them out for a week. I ate when I was hungry, foods I normally ate and didn’t have much extra exercises in the week.

I climbed on the scale at the end of the week and wasn’t expecting much. But, I had actually dropped about 4 lbs! I took them when I could remember and occasionally, I would forget to take them 30 minutes before I ate. But, they worked! 


Now, two other things…

First, I (TMI) burped at one point–and it isn’t the nasty taste burps. It literally “tasted” like raspberries, it was kind of funny.

Second, I would recommend that if you are going to stop taking them, that you “ween” yourself off of them. Do not go cold turkey! I did and the first week or so, I found myself eating more again and for a while, I actually started putting the weight back on because I wasn’t monitoring how much I ate and all. 

But, I definitely recommend them! I was amazed that they actually worked, but love that they are completely natural!!!



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Time To Get Organized

After spending the last–well, my whole lifetime–being known as the messy child, it kind of gets old. Mr. is actually quite the opposite. He is tidy and spends his weekends cleaning with me. But, cleaning ALL the time–well, like cleaning for anyone else–it gets old quick.

Don’t tell me that speech of–you have 5 people in your family, it’s bound to get messy. Or you have kids, kids are messy.

Yes, we have a large family and YES! we do have kids. Our kids are busy. They play a lot. But, overall, they are easy to keep up with.

What I find hard to keep up with is all of “my stuff”. The stuff that I have moved for the last–5 or 6 years. The stuff that I have “collected” and held onto just because, because I might need to some day, or because it’s a hobby in the family.

This last year and shown me exactly what I get to do and not to do with my time.

3 kids wear you out. Add in the daily household life and well–you’re lucky to get through a whole day with everyone alive. So, I am going to start eliminating the clutter and start adapting the space for what I do have time for.

I mean a schedule of kids 24/7, couponing, starting photography, and everything else–something has to give somewhere.

I am not giving my kids or my time up with my husband (that’s bare minimal as is). I enjoy couponing and can’t give it up because it allows us to actually have enough to eat and take care of basic needs, photography is a bit of a hobby right now–that I am trying to turn into a little bit of a money maker, and well–my “me” time is pretty much non existent.

Even as I am writing this post, it’s with nagging children at my ankles. Life as a mother.

So, with that, it is Time To Get Organized.