No Spend – Day 4

Today was a rough day emotionally, physically and mentally. I had prepared the boys and myself to go out to pick up some free vegetables from a lady in our local Buy Nothing group. But, as we got out to the car, it wouldn’t start–again. I went to call the tow truck company and my phone had a low battery. But, managed to last long enough to call our insurance company. Continue reading “No Spend – Day 4”

Fake TV Sex. (Not for little people.)

I hate TV shows that make sex look “easy”. If it’s with the right person, yes, sex is amazing. But, I do not believe that it is ever “easy”.

TV shows woman and mean going and it for long periods of time, moaning through the whole thing. They show them enjoying it on top and on bottom, but nowhere does it say that it’s normal for a woman to not be able to get off in every single position.

Society makes you think that you’re “broken” if you can’t get off by penetration alone from sex and it’s stupid and frustrating as a woman. Perhaps I am naive and grew up under a rock, so that’s why I didn’t know that women are supposed to have TWO “g-spots”. Yeah, didn’t know that until after I was married.

I just thought I was all kinds of effed up because I could never have an orgasm on bottom. Well, turns out, ftw, I am pretty normal. There are positions you can try rather than always being on top–I honestly hated being on top for a few years, so I didn’t understand how I couldn’t ever orgasm when I first started having sex. I was an overweight, super self conscious teenage girl, go figure.

Surprise! It’s actually super common, but most of us don’t want to talk to other people about it. I mean, who wants to talk about stuff that makes you feel “broken”.

Well, you’re not–it’s actually more common to not orgasm with a man on top than it is to have an orgasm with a man on top.

If you have this issue, check out the positions to try, look into toys that might help, experiment–I promise you, sex is amazing with the right person and you’re not broken just because certain positions or ideas don’t get you excited or lead to an orgasm.

It won’t be the fake TV sh*t either. 🙂 It’ll be real life, mind-blowing fun. 🙂