Christmas Spirit

Made it through a week. It may seem silly that this week would mean so much. But, in all honesty, it does.

This is the first week I don’t remember shaking when the boys came home. I don’t remember shaking on my way to work. I don’t remember being super nauseous and having to force myself to eat.

Perhaps it is because I had a stupid cold–no energy available to go anywhere else and the people that bother me at work weren’t there (probably not it).

Don’t get me wrong, I am still exhausted. Continue reading “Christmas Spirit”

No Spend – Day 1 (Dec. 26th)

Well, we started yesterday, as good as any day to start.

For the most part, it was a success–I’ll actually be putting it down as a successful day, as I forgot to budget money to buy minutes for the Tracfone (which we need for Ryan’s and my work and every day life). So, we spent about $35 on minutes, which should last us the month and then some.

We were graciously gifted some food (two boxes of cereal not pictured) from our local Buy Nothing group (huge help on saving money) and I picked it up before work last night. This should (hopefully) keep us out of the stores for the most part. Continue reading “No Spend – Day 1 (Dec. 26th)”