Boys can be Princesses, TOO!

This morning, I was put to a real test. See, I had read a post not too long ago about what a boy wearing skirts and such. His mom let him. He grew out of it, wasn’t gay, or anything. Just enjoyed them and lived freely.

I was put to a real test today and I had to remind myself of this post. See, L started talking about how he was a “pretty princess“. I was dumbfounded after first, where had he heard anything about princesses?! What the hello was going on? I wanted to blurt out something about how he couldn’t be and just correct him. But, I managed to stop anything before I got it out. At first, I thought he was saying the little boy I babysit was a princess–and as horrible as I am, I was almost relieved. But, when I realized he was saying he was… Well, I worried.

See–it’s one thing to say that you will love your kid no matter what and I will! But, when you kid starts saying stuff like, “I am a girl, mommy.” You’re first initial reaction is panic. Your mind races with ridiculous things about, what if he ends up gay or transgender… I went directly to all the crap he would get from people and how, as a parent, I was to save him from all of that. But, stopped and put on the brakes. I was getting ahead of anything that was happening. He is a normal boy. Boys like to play like girls do too.

Girls like to pretend to be boys sometimes–we dream of our knight in shining armor and sometimes act it out. Whether we are the princes or the prince, more than likely, when we are young, we have another girl friend who plays the prince. So, why can’t boys be princesses too?

Who am I to limit his imagination? I don’t have the right. He is only 4.5 years old. I know I will love him no matter what! Some things may not be as I imagined them. But, no matter what he does, I will always love him!

Again–who am I to limit his imagination? Why do I get to say–No! You can’t be this because…” Why can’t he? We tell ourselves and always want to believe that we can do anything, if we put our minds to it. So, why not let him pretend?

I had to scold myself later because he quickly switched to being a “bone”–like the bone men in Clutch Powers Legos. But, I had a panic moment because he wanted to pretend to be a pretty princess! Seriously?! They are going to end up with broken bones or something some day and I pray to God, that I don’t react that way I did today…

L is an amazing little man! If he wants to pretend to be a pretty princess by golly–I will let him!


And the honesty lives on.

After this morning, I have felt an urge to just keep up with the honesty, as it feels good. Plus, I hope that someone seeing that someone else’s day isn’t so perfect will help someone else out there so, here it goes.

It started out, well, if you read my first post today, you know that it started out with my sleeping through a number of phone calls and text message to go unlock the front door for the kiddo I babysit. Slept through that, L was up and unlocked the door–so, I’ll be setting an alarm for 6AM and be sure to be awake. Don’t need L to open the door in the morning and it possibly be someone it shouldn’t be.

It continued to be a crazy day. Yesterday, a certain little boy peed on the flat Lego platform. That was great fun. But, today…

We got little man’s new crib, tried to set it up. The crib, that should’ve taken about an hour–it took about 3 plus. I started putting it together and Z started screaming. Got 3 of the walls up and had to break. Went back later and put the bottom together, only to realize, the two sides were on the wrong sides. Then, the bottom was backwards and to top it ALL off, the mattress I bought–well, the crib is too small for it or the mattress is too big. Either way, they don’t work together. Luckily, there is a mattress pad that came with it so, using that tonight for Z and he’s wrapped up in my pink blanket to keep it more padded and warm.

The rest of the day included L painting on himself with the new do-a-dot paints that I bought for school and I mean face, arms, hands—really painting on himself, as you can see in the picture below.

So, as you can also see, it involved bathtime. After which, A peed on the floor, before I could get the diaper on him. Yeah, peed on the floor again. Great fun. Really need to clean the living room so I can steam clean the floor.

I am thankful that naptime was good today. But, the internet was being dumb and the computer had a hard time loading up sometimes.

I did manage to get a surprise for Mr. ordered, can’t share it yet, because sometimes he reads this. Got school supplies ordered for the boys. A new book about preschool teaching.

The ornament boxes came in the mail today to so, going to repack them tomorrow. Got a load of our laundry and dishes done. Folded some of the roomies’ laundry and a blanket, that had to run three times in order to dry.

As I am staring at the living room, I am trying to convince myself to clean it now, so I don’t have to clean it later or tomorrow. Especially because we have people coming in the next two days to fix stuff around the house.

Tomorrow, we have to have an upstairs hand railing put in and the weather stripping replaced tomorrow around the front door. The day after, we have to have our bathtub resealed–that involved leaving the house between 9AM and 11AM until 6PM. 4 kiddos and 2 adults–yeah, what are ya gonna do?

Luckily, Mr. found a park around the corner so, I am praying like crazy for a nice day, so we can just walk down there. Spend the day playing and eating. Although, I think I’ll take a blanket or two as well, so kiddos can pass out under a tree for naptime, if they want to. But, we’ll see.

I really just wanted to get a hotel room to crash in for the day and then spend Friday there with family relaxing, swimming, and enjoying the weekend. However, I realized that I still need to work on Friday so, that doesn’t work.

The next couple days are going to be crazy. But, that’s what it is–it’s life. There’s the honesty of how a life, with three kids–four when I am babysitting. It’s life. It happens. There’s that bit of honesty.