No Spend Continues

These last 37 days have been crazy. Working hard to not spend extra money didn’t quite go as planned, but we did better in some areas and not so great in others. But, here’s to a new month of No Spending.

All our bills and Mr’s weekly treat is budgeted. I did not include my paychecks, the money we won from a radio contest last month, or tax return (who knows when it’s gonna come–still waiting on paperwork).

Without my paychecks, we will have $21.92 leftover. That’s basically nothing when you need to feed 5 people AND pay the random bills that come in each month. But, we’ll get it done.

I have two meals planned so far, thanks to Supercook.

Need to make the first two recipes (using up Pesto–chicken¬†and meatballs). Yummy! For lunch for Wednesday, but Mr is getting pizza at work tomorrow, so not doing it tonight.

I did have the stuff for corn dogs, but I ate hot dogs for dinner last night.

Time for the leftover wine for ladies’ night last month, Bones, and my blanket.