I am the Mom They DIDN’T warn you about.

I wrote a really long post yesterday and ended up trashing it becausa6936164ac15aabd951acd5bc29a36e8-300x210e I couldn’t get the words right. And I am not sure I will this time either. But, I am gonna put this out there any way.

So, here it is… we all have those people on Facebook who tell us what a great parent we are, but do they truly know? They are hundreds, if not thousands of miles away and judge us by what appears on Facebook. Continue reading “I am the Mom They DIDN’T warn you about.”

Eyebrow Shaping Tips

I’ve always felt like I had man eyebrows. I hated seeing my sisters’ eyebrows so slim and perfect. I am sure they struggled through highschool to get them, but mine looked more like my husband’s than a lady’s. It was horrific! I hated them.

I always tried to find some way to cover them up. Bangs, hair in the face, big glasses, make-up–anything would do. This weekend, after having failed, several times, trying to make sugaring wax, I decided I could at least fix my eyebrows. Continue reading “Eyebrow Shaping Tips”