Practice makes Perfect

I started watching Guy’s Grocery Game. It’s very cool! I love the creative challenge in it so, I was a bit inspired. Now, I have an advantage because I can sit here and think about it, after I saw them do it but, I am also not in a grocery store, I am going to try to complete a challenge with what we have here, in the house.

I don’t eat seafood so, I skipped that one, because even if I did, there’s none in the house so… My challenge for tonight is going to be…

A Mexican dish using: Kikkoman, something green, jarred pickled veggie, protein, corn product, something red & dairy product.

Doesn’t seem so hard, does it… But, I am not sure that we have it all here in the house.

So… Here it goes. 🙂

Cleaning up for…


This was the mess I got to clean up today. Landon kept asking why I was cleaning up, what I was doing & I thought about it before I answers this time & told him it was for daddy. Mr. cleaned up last night before he watch his “gross” movie & I went to bed. I was cleaning up for him & me. We have a movie date night planned. & I would like to be able to lay on the couch and enjoy it with him. So, I cleaned up. Meant to give the boys baths (they are overdue & the tub is finally fixed) but, I am exhausted & paranoid that one would get hurt if I did. So, it’ll happen tomorrow.

One thing Mr. also did was comment about the dishes–how I’ve been doing them all but, I was able to tell him sis 3 actually did some this last week but, it felt good knowing that the housework goes noticed now.

He would notice it before but, it didn’t seem to be as big of a deal.20131025-183917.jpg

HAPPY NEWS: (just so I don’t overwhelm your inboxes/phones) I have a new job coming in next week, it’s going to be a nice chunk of money for us! I am excited. It’s amazing that we have been blessed with a few companies giving me the opportunities to Freelance for them. It’s really helping.

And one last bit that I was going to do in another post… Below is something only Mr. could get away with.


And now time for some Ninja Turtles & McDonald’s.