The Place I Once Called Home



It’s kind of sickening knowing that this is what the town that I grew up near/in is turning into. This is where we left, just a few weeks ago, to bring out kiddos to the “big city” so that we could be closer to family & my husband could have better opportunities.

It’s sickening that something like this (details can be found here) could actually happen. & it’s said that people are now hounding the lady who did my wedding pictures–and their pictures as well–because they want them. But, I give her major props because she isn’t taking the money or anything. She could have her pictures featured in the news, etc. but, she is too much of an amazing woman to do so!

ATTENTION ALL NEWS STATIONS, I have had multiple calls today from CNN Headline News and Good Morning America along with others wanting the wedding photos of Jordan and Cody and or time on camera. I am not aware of the legalities involved with this but I do believe that it is not my decision. There are families that are hurting through this tragedy and I will do nothing (no matter how much money is offered) to intensify that hurt. If the families decide they want the photos released, they have the disc and they can do that on their own. I know that it is your job to have some visuals of the couple to increase the drama to the story and I can’t lie, it would be awesome seeing my photos on GMA or CNN Headline news but I am not willing to help with that. However, what I would love is to stay out of the whole ordeal! Thanks.

It takes an amazing person to be able to do something like that!

“Finally” Moving Away

Well, the time is getting closer–just over 36 hours until we will be on the road to a fresh start. Whether you believe it or not, my family & I are moving away. Hard to think the day has finally come, as I left once & barely made is 6 months away from here. But, after living here for another 3 1/2 years (ish), it is finally time to move away & start new with my (burping) husband (Oye!).

Years ago, when I moved away with my mom, I remember having so many people saying that they were going to miss us & that they were sad & yet, I lost a lot of contact with most of them & when I came back, most people didn’t care too much that we were back or not. Then, when I was planning another move, I had one person tell me that I wasn’t allowed to move but, I haven’t talked to them since we didn’t move.

This time, I have had just a few close friends come to say good-bye or tell me that they are going to miss me & I am okay with that. Those friends who are supposed to be in your life forever, they will be, and those who aren’t–eh, their loss. But, on another note—cause I am done with this one, cause this isn’t why I started this post…


We are moving, this Friday. & I am happy to say that it will be good for us. I appreciate all the support from my family (emotionally, financially, etc.) and friends! I am pleased to say that I have some amazing friends who know that this will be good for my family. & I am praying that this move will change what it needs to. And I am hoping for the best for our kiddos, my husband, & myself. And I am super thankful to my sister & brother in law for letting us stay with them for a while so we can get on our feet.

I am thankful that my husband has found a job, that I have 2 possibilities for jobs, & that things are lining up perfectly for it to all work out. All we need now, is someone to qualify to rent out place & I know that it will happen, I would just like it to happen within the next week so we can relax along those lines too.

But, this valley has so many memories!  Good—

  • Driver’s Ed class with my bestie
  • My 1st job with my older sister
  • Meeting my husband
  • Having our younger two kiddos here
  • Watching our boys grow
  • Working with my mom in her yard
  • Swimming in the lakes
  • Jumping in the water after work
  • My 2nd family

Some not so great—

  • Losing friends
  • Losing my baby sister & my best friend in an accident
  • Rumors (small town, go figure!)

(More good than bad!) But, I would trade anything for the memories that I have, the friends I have made, or the family that has come from this town. Maybe my timing for leaving this place was a bit ahead of schedule a few years ago but, it is happening now. And I couldn’t be more excited for the possibilities for my family.

New friends, new opportunities, new things to do—just an overall fresh start! A chance to get out of this small (dead end, in my opinion) town & get our family somewhere with open skies.

One hope I have is that my husband’s gaming habits will decrease–as they have been a struggle for me to adjust to. I never dated a gamer before & he didn’t have his computer for very long before we got married. So, I have been terrible and being understanding with that but, I believe that with more things for me to go do & take the boys to, that it will be easier. So, I am praying that it will become less of a strain on our marriage.

Any woo–I have so many more thoughts in my head about this move but, they will have to wait for another time (maybe later or tomorrow) because Z is fussing & R is raiding… So, time to sign off & probably turn in for the night, as we have work to do tomorrow.

But, here are to the possibilities…