Lazy Day

Well, after getting the rough news yesterday & getting my Paragard in—today is feeling like a Law & Order & some Dove Chocolate treats from Dove Chocolate Discoveries–I love being a chocolatier! I have products just hiding away in my closet & I am totally going to go raid some of them. I am sure the boys will devour some too but, I think it’s just one of those kinds of days.  A Lazy Day! Of course, this will all happen AFTER I get dishes done.


Do you have those kinds of days where you just have a random urge during the day for a show or some food? What do you do on your Lazy Days?


I am not sure if it’s the lack of sleep, stress levels, or what. But, I am losing it. I just wanna scream. I feel like going bald, oh wait, I am!! *sigh* This is all driving me insane. My life is falling apart at the seams. Cigarettes seem like a necessity now just to keep my stress level down and keep me going day to day, to keep me from losing it even more and possibly being really stupid about it.

I don’t know even it’s the holiday season, the whole single mom thing, or what. But, I am finally wearing thin. I am to the point where I don’t care what you think any more. I might love you and you might be my best friend, but if I’ve made mistakes and you can’t forgive me than forget it.

I am sick of idiots. I work with them. I provide service for them. I’ve dated them. But, I am done. I’ve taken it so far. But, I can’t do it any more. I lucky don’t live with any. And my family (who counts) aren’t idiots. My friends are idiots. I have a couple, but it’s ok. I am just done with the aceholes!

Sorry, I am done.