Round Two

Well, looks like Round 2 for little Z was a success.

L is potty training–well, he knows how to go but, he gets distracted and doesn’t go sometimes and so he pees in his pull-up but, he had to go to the bathroom and since we have roommates, he uses our bathroom in the master bedroom. Well, he was on his way to the bathroom and the little boy I watch and A decided it would be a GENIUS idea to follow him in there and make a lot of noise… Let’s just say–not a happy mommy! But, Z is back asleep and A and the other little boy are sleeping. L is finishing up Aladdin, although I think I may invite him to the kitchen to bake something. But, we’ll see–definitely need some caffeine.

Phone call from the hubby–time to check the laundry.

Morning Riff-Raff

Oh what a day yesterday was–had a lot of issues with the cable/internet being setup. Wrong the article I got assigned yesterday, totally wrong… :S (I’ll post the difference between what I did and what they wanted later.) No cable or internet yesterday. Spent all day trying to get it figured out, called my husband so that he would know what was going on–kind of regretted it cause it made him super grumpy. 😦 But, he was over it quickly. He came home, I had a massive headache–but, after a few minutes of I think of this situation this way and he thought of it that way, we were okay. Just had to agree to disagree and went to bed happily.

Woke up to no work in my inbox but, will be having a lot of jobs from a new client populate next week so, enjoying a little bit of downtime while my boss gets that worked out. Plan today is going to be cleaning up the house, unpacking everything I can to make it cleaner and less stressful for my sister’s when she gets back (staying at a hotel for a few days of relaxing). Plus, going to look at some furniture online and figure out what kind of couches we want and how much we need to save up/pay monthly. Thinking about baking something or doing a craft but, at the moment, boys are watching Aladdin (for the twentieth time these last two weeks–give or take a few) during quiet time, as Z is taking his morning nap. Going to go find the printer and try to find some crayons or something so we can decorate some paper pumpkins and hang them up as garland around the house. But, mostly–dishes and laundry during spare time and trying to find a few activities the boys will enjoy as the yucky weather is coming out and I don’t have a desire to go shopping tonight–maybe the weekend to get some stuff/some unpacking to find stuff but, that’s about it.

Need some caffeine today–and turning the hot water temperature up. I need a HOT shower not just warm. My muscles are screaming at me for not having one. And for Week 3 of the 5 months of blogging for a purpose… Coming soon. 😉