Recognizing the Awesomeness!

Well, first off, I have to say Mr. wants a new nickname–something more romantic since he is Mr. here and on my phone. Although, here’s the real kicker, my name is (xxx)xxx-xxxx in his phone. Such a stinker. So, today will include renaming him and naming my sister’s, the boys, etc. for New Years.

Secondly, things Mr. says…

The only thing that could make boobs more attractive is if they could produce pizzas.

… came about after he totally misunderstood me and thought I said something about my boobs producing pizza–although, we had had pizza that night so, I made a smart @$$ comment about how they did since our 5 month old is breastfeeding…

Of course, as I am sitting here, finally ready to share the other things, my mind (as a mother) has thrown everything that hasn’t happened in the last 12-24 hours in the we don’t need to remember pile. Ugh!

… So, on to–Recognizing the Awesomeness!

My hubby works for a large IT company. He has been there for about a month. Every Friday (just found out yesterday) they have a meeting. Yesterday, their meeting included:

A list of who is on the phone when they are supposed to be. Well, unfortunately, their system sucks (luckily, they know this), it does not calculate emails into the list and it doesn’t calculate that call X should’ve take 5 minutes but, it took 30–why? So, Mr.’s call average is 4 minutes and he has been doing TONS of emails in between calls. It “appears” that he is only on the phone and working 23% of the time he is there, when the list is actually backwards and he is just so effective at his job, he should be top dog. Luckily, they know it is messed up and his boy realized that Mr. is hard working. Everyone that was hired with him, they are asking him for help! He has been there for A MONTH and they already have him training people!!!

His company was also talking about offering promotions after 3 months, along with raises. He gets trained on a big project, finally, next week. Bringing him 1 step closer to being able to work 4-10 hour days overnight. They are also talking about giving graveyard and overnight workers $2.00 pay increase for working those shifts.

I am so proud of him!! Mr. doesn’t realize how awesome he is but, sounds like his boss does and I know it! He even got his company to buy a new microwave just by mentioning how gross it was and asking about it being a health violation or safe.

He is amazing!! I can’t wait to see how far he gets in another month and by the time he is there for a year!! AAAAHHH!