Finally Friday

This morning has been an “adventure”… Tried to start a fire in our fireplace (no wood) but, figured I could start “recycling” and use the extra cardboard boxes and papers we have here to the fireplace. But, of course, after I started the fire, I couldn’t figure out which way the knob needed to be, for the damper to be open. Let’s just say it was running back and forth from one smoke alarm to the other for a while but, at least they both work. Too bad all this happened when I was trying to get Z to go to sleep so, he was awake and fussy. But, L talked to him for me so I could get the mess fixed. Then, I was trying to put Z back to sleep and after short while, L comes running in saying, “A fall down.” I started panicking and ran to see that the little boy I babysit had decided it would be a good idea to play on the stairs so, A joined it. Little boy had thrown the shoes down the second flight of stairs and A had fallen down a stair but, managed to land on the next one where he was laying on top of shoes so, needless to say, the wooden child gate from outside will now be inside at the top of the stairs until I can find the screws for the metal gate. I assumed that a few days of everyone getting their bums spanked and toys, books, and other activities would keep them off of it but, I guess not.
Got a bit of a headache from the smoke since it’s still clearing out. :S Grumble grumble. Another one of those, “If today wasn’t Friday…” days. But, it is so, we’ll make it through it. One way or another. 🙂
Going to dig out the printer and get some stuff for them to color/paint and see what we can get going today. Need some quiet time cause we don’t have pain killers here and Z is sleeping.
Humor in all of this–can’t tell if the house is still smokey or if it’s just the fog from outside that is making things look gloomy.
Get to design my mom’s Christmas present later today and a couple other FREE posters from and a FREE holiday card. Check ’em out! They’re awesome & you could get our own too.
What fun plans do you have this weekend? 

Christmas Planning

Never too early to start, right? Started Christmas planning a couple days ago and last night, I was wake for quite a while thinking about ideas and looking on Pinterest. I found a couple ideas and I am super excited.

When I first started, I wanted to get our oldest something that was just under $150 with accessories taking it to just over $200. However, the more I think about it, I have decided that each of our boys will get one “BIG” present and the rest will be stuff that we craft by hand. Some of them, I will have them help me with since I am home with them 24/7 and I don’t think there’s a way I could just make the stuff for everyone on weekends and be done before Christmas hits.

My original goal was get everyone something awesome and then it went to spending under $1,000. But, I don’t now what price range I am thinking right now but, definitely under $1,000.

Unfortunately, because friends and family read this, I can’t post exactly what I am thinking for who but, there are two or three presents I want to buy my husband–depending on if he buys the other one before then. I know of one more present I want to make him. There is one present I am going to make my family that we are living with. And there are tons of ideas that are still out there so, I need to start a list and start figuring out what is for who and start crafting all the non-perishables.

Lots to do, lots of ideas–thank you. Pinterest! 😛

Keep you updated as the journey continues–hoping that I can get all the “BIG” presents for the men for under $500 but, we’ll see. Fingers crossed. Here goes the rest of the planning.