Blah Mornings…

When we moved in, I totally Mr. that we would have the place unpacked and totally done by the end of the month. Well, he is home the next few days, so we’re going to knock it out.

Today will be to finish downsizing the boys’ toys and take our bedroom back. There has been all kinds of food, nasty kids’ cups, extra furniture, etc. that doesn’t need to be in there and my “paradise” has been lost.

Our bedroom has always been the ONE place that I needed clean so I could sleep and have some downtime, but I’ve been staying up until I am falling asleep just to avoid it all. I have tried hard to clean our bedroom and keep the kiddos out (Mr’s computer is in there now and they like watching YouTube videos with him). But, it hasn’t worked AT ALL! So, a new plan needs to be made.

Though, part of today will be some downtime to help me from getting sick. Woke up this morning to a sore throat, stuffy nose and just overall feeling crummy.

Any woo–kiddos and I need breakfast and my to-do list only seems to be growing. Here’s to hoping we get more done today than I think might happen.

Sailor’s Mouth…

I am supposed to be working right now but, my brain is on overload so here it is…

I have failed the Orange Rhino Challenge miserably! I keep snapping at children and I hate, hate effin’ hate it! I am not an angry person by any means–or at least, I don’t think so but, I overwhelm myself… I have edited a ton of articles trying to get them in the PERFECT format for a client and I have 5 other articles that need to be written. I have another 7 articles that I would like to write today but, seeing as I have about 1.5 hours until people are going to be home, I feel like I NEED to clean–dishes, laundry, trash, etc. I had such a huge list of stuff that I was going to do… And it’s not happening. Well, it is but, not as fast as I wanted.

  1. Edit 5 (turned out to be 9) articles
  2. Dishes
  3. Bake
  4. Trash
  5. Recycling
  6. Laundry
  7. Write 7 to be caught up
  8. Write 4 to get ahead
  9. Manage Facebook Pages
  10. Clean up Living room
  11. Lunch
  12. Make dinner

I haven’t even had lunch… Ugh! This whole day has involved biting my tongue A LOT because I’ll I can think are swear words…

Okay. Feeling a little bit better but, have  lots to do so, need to run–been thinking a lot about blogging and need to be sure to keep time for it. It’s my sanity at the moment.


Hey–that’s my weakness… Trying to overstretch myself. I assume I can do too much because I want to do certain things but, I want to do other things for other people… Ugh! Well, at least Week 4 of 5 months of Blogging for a Purpose FINALLY got figured out, lol.

Okay–work time.