Tat It Up!

Well, the page I admin for decided to rate the tats… Such an odd idea but, it made me start thinking…

Who has tattoos? Do your tats have stories behind them? Who is “allowed” to have tattoos? Is it all a personal belief or is it a set rule?

I have tattoos. My plan when I was younger was a lot of things you wouldn’t believe or even think someone like me should’ve had but, I did/have had some of the craziest dreams ever. But, all those other ones will come in due time.

The one I shall share now is that I ha wished to be cover in tattoos and piercings–head to toe type of thing. Of course, if you even knew how we grew up–yeah, again, another story. But, any way, my mom gave me a “Oh, please tell me you’re kidding.” with a side of praying that God would change something so that I wouldn’t… Or so it seemed. But, I have 3 tattoos right now. My ears are pierced but, with being a mom & my allergies to metal–bought all, if not most of my earrings before they made the sensitive earrings–I don’t usually take the time to wear them. Although, I think I shall start soon. I miss them greatly.

See, I enjoy color, beauty everywhere, accessories, etc. I love all kinds of color. Probably why I love every season except winter, unless it’s Christmas–decorations, colorful lights, etc…

But, I am getting side tracked.

Who has tattoos? Do your tats have stories behind them? Who is “allowed” to have tattoos? Is it all a personal belief or is it a set rule?

If you have one, would you care to share it below? Or if you want one, will you share it with us?

I have 3–here are two of them. Many more planned.



Each one has a story that I will share later. But, I would like to hear yours. Or if you think tattoos are from the devil, etc…

Blogging with a Purpose-Week 2

Well, took me a few extra weeks but, I believe I have figured out 10 things I can’t live without– 1-10 being my family, although, I figured that was cheating so…

(Not in order of importance.)

1) Family




This includes ALL my family–mom, sisters, my family angels–even if they aren’t pictured.

My mom raised me to be hardworking, believe in myself, independent, determined, & to always to my best.

2) Friends

My friends have been my second family, my employers, & my rock to lean on–without many of them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

3) Writing

Here, I am free to express myself and get out everything that goes through my head when I have no one to talk to, I am able to grow, & currently, I am able to bring in a little extra income for my family.

4) Color

I am thankful for color as it brings more joy to life. We are able to see the changing colors and know that a season is coming or a peeking bud and know a flower is in bloom.


5) Sleep

I am able to recuperate & continue on with my day & enjoy our boys. I am able to be healthy & watch our boys grow & develop into amazing men, like their daddy.


6) My Marriage

Just months ago I would’ve said I was done, wasn’t going to care any more, & was going to find a job just so I could support the boys and me because I knew a divorce was on it’s way–not any more. My husband & I have been sticking through it all. We are stubborn and in love. We are both working hard on our marriage, the life we want, & taking care of our family. My husband has quit WoW. I have quit threatening him with divorce & been appreciating what he does more.

7) Food

Not for the obvious reasons but, because L & I have been cooking, he has been growing his independence and making his brother & him lunch. We have made muffins & brownies this week. & he helped me make hamburgers last night.

8) Medical Advances

I have glasses, have to be tested for PCOS, have 3 healthy boys, my husband is allergic to bees–as am I. & my body is screaming for a chiropractor soon.

9) Hot water/Laundry

I never appreciated hot water until my body was this sore & my clothes/myself would smell so horribly.

10) Human touch/intimacy

Holding my son, cuddling our older boys, snuggling up to my husband at night–they all keep me going. They let me know I am safe, loved, & help keep me warm.

All of these make my life so much better–shelter, heat, etc., they make it too but, these are the key things in life I could not live without.