Blogging with a Purpose-Week 2

Well, took me a few extra weeks but, I believe I have figured out 10 things I can’t live without– 1-10 being my family, although, I figured that was cheating so…

(Not in order of importance.)

1) Family




This includes ALL my family–mom, sisters, my family angels–even if they aren’t pictured.

My mom raised me to be hardworking, believe in myself, independent, determined, & to always to my best.

2) Friends

My friends have been my second family, my employers, & my rock to lean on–without many of them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

3) Writing

Here, I am free to express myself and get out everything that goes through my head when I have no one to talk to, I am able to grow, & currently, I am able to bring in a little extra income for my family.

4) Color

I am thankful for color as it brings more joy to life. We are able to see the changing colors and know that a season is coming or a peeking bud and know a flower is in bloom.


5) Sleep

I am able to recuperate & continue on with my day & enjoy our boys. I am able to be healthy & watch our boys grow & develop into amazing men, like their daddy.


6) My Marriage

Just months ago I would’ve said I was done, wasn’t going to care any more, & was going to find a job just so I could support the boys and me because I knew a divorce was on it’s way–not any more. My husband & I have been sticking through it all. We are stubborn and in love. We are both working hard on our marriage, the life we want, & taking care of our family. My husband has quit WoW. I have quit threatening him with divorce & been appreciating what he does more.

7) Food

Not for the obvious reasons but, because L & I have been cooking, he has been growing his independence and making his brother & him lunch. We have made muffins & brownies this week. & he helped me make hamburgers last night.

8) Medical Advances

I have glasses, have to be tested for PCOS, have 3 healthy boys, my husband is allergic to bees–as am I. & my body is screaming for a chiropractor soon.

9) Hot water/Laundry

I never appreciated hot water until my body was this sore & my clothes/myself would smell so horribly.

10) Human touch/intimacy

Holding my son, cuddling our older boys, snuggling up to my husband at night–they all keep me going. They let me know I am safe, loved, & help keep me warm.

All of these make my life so much better–shelter, heat, etc., they make it too but, these are the key things in life I could not live without.

Mind Boggling

Headache is thumping but, a quick little update… & to clear my head.

House is almost done getting fixed–the drain is in the driveway so the garage and basement won’t flood again. The handyman is here to fix ALOT of stuff around the house–two drawers, siding outside, a door stop, a bunch of stuff downstairs, the fan and light above the stove–let’s just say, I am definitely not jealous.

Bought hubby a ticket to go see Paramore–my sister & her hubby are going to it as well so, mommy & the boys get a night to themselves. Going to clean up the house, bathe the boys, bedtime, dishes, and shower–hoping that will take most of the night. But, if not, I always have this lovely place or some Madden to play.

Got a writing job yesterday. Wrote an article last night on a bunch of stuff I knew nothing about until I wrote it. Got another article sent to me this morning and I got it written up this morning/afternoon and it’s one it’s way to going to the client.

Sister made PB cookies last night so, I’ve been munching on those–definitely takes me back to our childhood days–the good times. Not the times when I was a little terrorist to her. I like to pretend that those days never existed–even though my brother in law is here to snap me back to reality sometimes.

Been working on a budget and bills that we’re going to pay off. It’s an exciting thought when we look at payoff our debts–our car (my mom bought it for us), student loans (we still have over $30,000 but, we’re about to pay off one of my hubby’s), pay back my sister and brother in law, pay off the credit card, and a couple others. & then we’ll be back to saving money–and we have awesome roommates this time. The last few roommates we had when we were married… We ate through over $3,000 in savings and the credit card–it was depressing. When we started getting close to being able to pay it off and caught up again, I got laid off. So, we’re back to being the rockstar couple we are.

Bigger news–Hubby quit WoW a couple weekends ago. We haven’t had much of the internet but, he decided the night that he went to the concert with my brother in law. We’ve been doing a lot better with each other. We’re happier as a couple. We are able to do more as a family. The boys get to play with him more. I get to see him more. We actually go to bed around the same time. He’s not exhausted when he goes to work. He’s around and I love it! It’s a happy day!

Well, time to go find the load of laundry waiting for me in the dryer, do some dishes, and probably find some caffeine–got another 5-7 hours to be awake and I am already wiped out from today.

Happy Tuesday–thinking about finding a Halloween craft to do with the boys shortly.

What kind of crafts do you do around this time? What kinds of food are appealing to you? You got a craving?