All things must…

“Come to an end.” Is that what you were thinking? Well, yes–in some cases, that is true. However, I am not sure that is what happens, I believe that it is simply a new chapter, a different path. Although, an end makes another beginning…

See, this week, I was removed from several projects. I thought this freelancing thing was my ticket to helping my family and making some big bucks. I had it figured out where I could make $500 easily this month alone from writing. However, my skills obviously aren’t that great. It’s disheartening. I was told and was moments from tears as I believe I had failed my family. I was feeling much like a big loser. But, they mentioned how I seemed to have a good handle on media sites & I feel like I do. I enjoy them. It’s quick and easy but, growing a page is important. I am not a fan of some of the rules that we can and can’t do—I feel that is a barricade blocking our potential to grow the page but, I will do what I can. But, back to begins removed, that loser who failed–well, I am not that. I felt like it at that moment but, realized that maybe, maybe I am not meant to write so much as a freelancer. I enjoy writing as a hobby. I feel like I can be good at it if I am not forced to write about… Well, stupid stuff. Not saying that it is stupid stuff, just stuff I couldn’t normally do. After feeling like a loser and my eyes feeling with tears, I was reminded that by the beginning of this year, I will be in charge of half of this states Qpon Lady’s business! That’s right—little 22 year old girl like me is going to be teaching people how to coupon and save money. I will be teaching hundreds of employees, possibly thousands of large company employees how to save money. If you’re on state assistance, in my state, chances are pretty good you’ll see me in the next year.

Getting removed from freelancing was God’s way of saying that I don’t need to write for a living, I need to just keep it as a hobby and enjoy it. I am not sure what I’ll be doing about the Freelancing course. But, perhaps I’ll finish it in order to use it with running my webpage for Qpon Lady. I am very excited for all of this to take place!

Workin’ Away

Well, here I am at the computer again–supposed to be working. I actually had to close the browser so that I could focus earlier. I am terrible–Facebook and this blog get me into trouble. I am horrible about procrastinating so, here I am… Procrastinating again. 

But, I have good news! I start my newest writing assignment soon! I get to write about hairstyles for this website! I will also be running their Facebook page so, that should help keep me working while I have Facebook open. But, that’s my good news.

Now, it’s time to get some articles about hairstyle whipped out–not that I finished information about annuities and structured settlements earlier today. Man, I feel like I have learned more writing these articles that I ever will in a work or school environment! I love it!

Also, I started a Freelancing Course though Penn Foster so, need to work on that some too! Really hoping that it’ll help me improve my writing–got fired and picked up a school course, lol. Really smart, right?! Go away, make fun if you wish to. At least I can work on school whenever I want, all I have to do is have it done before late January. 

Time to get back to writing the articles though. I can definitely tell that my writing style is changing a little bit, at least while I am writing the articles. I have managed to learn to spell out don’t as do not and other contractions–again, procrastinating! 

Night folks.