Thank you, Bzz Agent! & Kroger!

Woot woot! That’s right–this momma scored some FREE products! Not only are they free but, they are amazing!!

Long story so, here it goes–October 2011, I got laid off during my pregnancy of our middle son. It was horrible, I tried house cleaning, I tried babysitting but, nothing seemed to be sticking so, in Jan-Feb of 2012, I attended some couponing classes in Kalispell, MT by Qpon Lady. Now, needless to say, she had some amazing advice–I learned the basic lingo but, was completely in over my head trying understand what everything meant. That’s when I found Kroger Krazy. Now, little did I know, that my Smith’s store was actually a Kroger store (hello franchise, :)). But, I began following it and I learned ALOT! She does the match ups for you, all you have to do is pick and choose which deals work best for you. Now, it took me some time getting used to it. And when I joined the group on Facebook and I saw people getting stuff for FREE! I felt like a loser but, I was determined to get to that point. And I have in some areas but, other times, I pay full price–milk, bread, etc. Now, if it wasn’t for a dear friend, I wouldn’t have heard of BzzAgent. I had been working my bum off but, knew nothing about it. So, I signed up HOPING that I could get something going–it’s the most amazing thing EVER! You get to try and review some amazing products.

Well, here’s my story–when you are broke and living paycheck behind paycheck, on a salary that should (maybe) support 2 people and you have to make it support almost 6 people. You know you have to do something so, I did something–I started couponing like a crazy mad woman. We were getting help from the state (and yes, we’re going to have to again after our move here but, it’s just until we get back on our feet). However, I didn’t want to be one of those people who walk out with carts and carts of junk food–I landed myself in the ER once from too much junk food so, I decided I was going to do something about it. And I did–I taught myself how to coupon. I learned the lingo, I watched the deals, I bought when it was cheapest, I stocked up. I worked my bum off and I got an amazing stockpile–still unpacking as I write.

But, I want you all to know–don’t spend $10 or $15 on Huggies diapers if you don’t have to–Comforts diapers were what we HAD to buy because we didn’t have enough money to spend a billion dollars on diapers–especially with 3 in them at a time. However, these diapers aren’t like regular store brands. These diapers are amazing! They are absorbent, they hold shi+s–and I don’t just mean little tiny, I farted and pooped shi+s, I mean, MASSIVE poops! The kind that usually end up ALL over covers and legs, etc.

We have been buying Huggies recently because I had coupons for them, the store closest to us (when we did our first move) only had Huggies. But, now that we have a Kroger, literally, just down the road, I plan to kiss Huggies goodbye and Comforts HELLO again! I love these diapers–not kidding you! They are amazing and I can’t wait to use them again.

Their diapers, wipes, shampoo (the lavender bedtime shampoo smells amazing!), lotion–I have yet to use their bibs, because our store was out of stock but, hello–cheap, amazing products for parents–what’s not to love?!

I have yet to find a Kroger product that I don’t like. The employees are usually amazing!–every once in a while you hit a bump and get someone who is having a bad day and misery loves company but, I can not rave on enough about Comforts, Kroger, Bzz Agent, Kroger Krazy, Qpon Lady, and much more but, with that–I bid you good-night.

I should be working however, I am not–I am going to get some sleep, next to my stud of a husband and enjoy the warm bed. 5 AM will come soon enough and I will pry myself from the bed to work hard and enjoy my FREE Delight Creamer that I will tell you all about tomorrow–depending on how it tastes. 😀