Pretty much how I feel.

Work wasn’t bad. And a good day. But, working hard, 40 some hours a week, taking care of a kid, and trying to sort life out… Ha, it gets to ya. Just a makes for a long day, but I have a day off coming up here pretty soon. Actually today is my Thursday. 😀 Tomorrow is my Friday. And then Friday is my Saturday and Sunday. And my week will start over again on Saturday as my Monday.

But, Landon is sick and not sleeping so well, so I need to get him taken care of. So, enough about me and my exhaustion. On to the kiddo and what he needs. Cause he has to come first.

If A equals success, then the formula is A=X+Y+Z, with X being work, Y being play, and Z is keeping your mouth shut.

-Albert Einstein

A Miracle.

I feel like at this point a miracle, would be wonderful. 😀 And at this point, I think I would take any kind of miracle. Right now a good guy seems like a miracle. A day without a stomach ache or heartburn seems like a miracle. A day to myself seems like a miracle. A day of warm weather would be a miracle. A good night’s sleep would be a miracle. A healthy baby would be a miracle. An ear to listen when I need it would be a miracle. But, for now, I will just ask that I get some sleep, a warm  bed, and that my miracle be that my brain would stop thinking. So, I can sleep, because it reaches midnight… Cause I know I could definitely use some sleep, and not a nasty stomach ache.

The key to seeing a miracle happen is believing.