Day In Pictures

Well, I won’t bore you with the pictures of the 3 loads of laundry (that I haven’t put away yet) and the 2 loads of dishes (second just finished). But, I have some pictures of the funner stuff from today.

First, I did some work–and got some payday details worked out. But, on to the fun part. Breakfast! We made some cake batter waffles.


Got all the ingredients together. Cake batter, oil, egg, vanilla, cinnamon, and added some sprinkles in for some extra fun–probably should’ve waiting until the end and folded them in with a spoon. DSCN2067But, I didn’t so, it turned the waffles a pretty color. DSCN2073DSCN2074

Poured some batter on and closed the lid.


A few messes were made, but that’s how memories are too.


First one down–only a couple more to go. DSCN2071Got a plate ready for each kiddos. 

I told you they turned the batter a funny color.


Finished the last one–it almost came out perfect.

After a little more work done around the house and some work work got done, I made some homemade bread. The last two loaves of bread I’ve bought, Mr. hated! I mean hated! He couldn’t eat them so, I have a bunch of bread to find something to make that I’ll eat. Ugh–more gluten, dang it. :S I didn’t take before picture, when I was making the bread–first time and it was crazy stuff.


Here’s the after part–the golden color is from using an egg to coat it.


I couldn’t wait to slice into that delicious smelling bread.


So soft!! Not even kidding you! It’s like a pillow.


Is a loaf a day too much?


Let little man play with the camera a bit.


Played peek-a-boo.


And ball.DSCN2084And this little guy actually at some of the bread too. 

Now it’s time to relax with the kiddos, get them some dinner, jammies, and try to get them to play in their room. Then, I need to work–and if I have energy in there somewhere, I need to get the 3+ loads of laundry put away that I’ve been delaying.

But, that’s today–later this week, I think we’ll try to make this.

Sailor’s Mouth…

I am supposed to be working right now but, my brain is on overload so here it is…

I have failed the Orange Rhino Challenge miserably! I keep snapping at children and I hate, hate effin’ hate it! I am not an angry person by any means–or at least, I don’t think so but, I overwhelm myself… I have edited a ton of articles trying to get them in the PERFECT format for a client and I have 5 other articles that need to be written. I have another 7 articles that I would like to write today but, seeing as I have about 1.5 hours until people are going to be home, I feel like I NEED to clean–dishes, laundry, trash, etc. I had such a huge list of stuff that I was going to do… And it’s not happening. Well, it is but, not as fast as I wanted.

  1. Edit 5 (turned out to be 9) articles
  2. Dishes
  3. Bake
  4. Trash
  5. Recycling
  6. Laundry
  7. Write 7 to be caught up
  8. Write 4 to get ahead
  9. Manage Facebook Pages
  10. Clean up Living room
  11. Lunch
  12. Make dinner

I haven’t even had lunch… Ugh! This whole day has involved biting my tongue A LOT because I’ll I can think are swear words…

Okay. Feeling a little bit better but, have  lots to do so, need to run–been thinking a lot about blogging and need to be sure to keep time for it. It’s my sanity at the moment.


Hey–that’s my weakness… Trying to overstretch myself. I assume I can do too much because I want to do certain things but, I want to do other things for other people… Ugh! Well, at least Week 4 of 5 months of Blogging for a Purpose FINALLY got figured out, lol.

Okay–work time.