Hello Child!

So–I will admit, I almost didn’t put this on here since I know certain people read it but, this is my blog, my place to feel free to say whatever, and I am doing to get used to using as such sometime…

Today it has been a no shiz child! day. Meaning, I have had some remarks for children and I can’t say them because they wouldn’t understand.

First–you can’t expect me to not let my child hit you and you get to hit my kids. Another note on hitting, if you run over (boys will be boys) and begin a game of tap each other (not full on hitting) and you both laugh, when my child returns the tap, you can’t expect me to feel horrible when he taps you softer than you tapped him and you play all dramatic and throw yourself to the floor crying. I will make sure you didn’t hit your head on the end table of the window next to you but, just like I do my child, I will let you know not to do that again. If you can’t handle it, don’t dish it out. They didn’t hit before you (2 year old did but, he’s gonna loss the habit) and they will NOT hit with you.

Secondly, if you don’t like to share, don’t expect me to keep your special toys away from my kiddos when you drop them because you want to play with their special toys. If you don’t want to share, don’t bring it to my kiddos–they share everything with you. I can put it up when you get here, you can leave it in the car but, don’t expect them to not enjoy new toys they don’t have–just like you do with their toys.

You’re an awesome kid when you want to be–just like ours but, some times… My goodness. Just like ours!