Manic Monday

Today was crazy–early morning (5 am), dozing on the couch around 7. Half asleep almost all day but, made it through. Luckily, no extra work came pouring in.

Didn’t make time to read today but, going to try to tomorrow. Today we colored pictures, wrote letters to grandma & mailed them…




Played outside…



Made white chocolate chip cookies…




Got 2 loads of dishes done from Friday-this weekend, got naps in, & got L on his way back to being potty trained.


This evening, after Mr. got home & ate–sister 3 & I went out & got stuff for Autumn soup so we can make it for dinner tomorrow night, as tonight was leftovers & cookies.

Came home, watched some football, ate some cookies, got the boys in bed, Mr. got Z to sleep, & now it’s time to get comfy. Time for some zzzz’s before Z wakes up for good. Looking forward to some good sleep & some warm cuddles when my hubby comes to bed. It was a long, wonderful days with my boys but, I am ready for some time with my hubby–even if it’s when I am sleeping.

Hope everyone had a good Monday. Tuesday is around the corner & I know it’s gonna be a terrific one!

Pleasant dreams. Got some interesting things to share tomorrow. But, need some good sleep so they’ll all make sense when I do.


Pretty much how I feel.

Work wasn’t bad. And a good day. But, working hard, 40 some hours a week, taking care of a kid, and trying to sort life out… Ha, it gets to ya. Just a makes for a long day, but I have a day off coming up here pretty soon. Actually today is my Thursday. 😀 Tomorrow is my Friday. And then Friday is my Saturday and Sunday. And my week will start over again on Saturday as my Monday.

But, Landon is sick and not sleeping so well, so I need to get him taken care of. So, enough about me and my exhaustion. On to the kiddo and what he needs. Cause he has to come first.

If A equals success, then the formula is A=X+Y+Z, with X being work, Y being play, and Z is keeping your mouth shut.

-Albert Einstein