Stuck in a Rut

I started watching Gossip Girl and although it showed me why I went to an alternative high school and skipped the college stage. Gossip Girl also showed me why I enjoy being a “nobody”. But, it hit a few other strings.

Watching Dan Humphrey write a book made me want to try my hand at writing again. I still remember the first story I began writing on a road trip and too this day it haunts me, as it could have become my life.

I would love to just write a book and write it all out, but I am not sure that I am meant for that. I enjoy my short snippets of “Hey. Here’s life. The End.”

I am realizing that I need more in life. I love being a mom, watching Netflix, hanging out with the boys all day, but a person can only take so much.

I mean, what is a girl to do? Sitting at home, watching children all day–I love staying home with the boys, but I told myself when I was 8-years-old that I would own a home and have tons of rooms for plenty of orphaned or fostered kids–years later and I am just as far from it as I ever was.

What do you do when dreams are so different? Children, school, work, friends, home… I would just love to feel like it is all amazing. I have had this empty feeling inside and I am still trying to figure out why.

I am married to a hard-working man with three beautiful children, yet some days, I have never felt more alone.

I need something to change–something amazing to happen. I need something to light me on fire.

Maybe it is time to go back to church and pray that I find it there. I just don’t know any more.


And off we go.



My apologies for being gone for the last 2 weeks–oye! Lots of things started coming up & it was give up one thing or another–the house took the toll at first and then my personal time and this last week–after getting sick, my personal hygiene took a ride down the crapper but, trying to get back up on the horse and get things going again. Had photoshoots & couponing trips–have a new job lined up for when we move–teaching couponing workshops, teach others how to coupon, going to the store and couponing for people, & once my boss gets everything lined up, could possibly be teach classes for a large corporation. I am very excited to be doing work that it is something I love & I can do from home. 6ea5404c-b7eb-4745-9bb2-d5e984ded962wallpaper

The two pictures of just a couple trips that I’ve made & the last two trips, they were beautiful trips! I was very, very happy with them. I can’t wait to get moved & get into a new place so that I can setup a room just for the stockpile & start stocking up on things again! Very exciting move coming up.



Below is one of my photoshoots–my best friend said she would jump into the lake for me–in her wedding dress! 😀 It was so much fun! She’s such a beautiful lady!

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Just a couple of some of the other pictures. But, I have to run–laptop is dying & I need to get ready for tomorrow/this weekend–lots of packing to do, we move in less than 2 weeks. Can’t wait to get back to share with all of you lovely people. Just have to get this move & this sickness kicked, before it turns into ear infections.