Sailor’s Mouth…

I am supposed to be working right now but, my brain is on overload so here it is…

I have failed the Orange Rhino Challenge miserably! I keep snapping at children and I hate, hate effin’ hate it! I am not an angry person by any means–or at least, I don’t think so but, I overwhelm myself… I have edited a ton of articles trying to get them in the PERFECT format for a client and I have 5 other articles that need to be written. I have another 7 articles that I would like to write today but, seeing as I have about 1.5 hours until people are going to be home, I feel like I NEED to clean–dishes, laundry, trash, etc. I had such a huge list of stuff that I was going to do… And it’s not happening. Well, it is but, not as fast as I wanted.

  1. Edit 5 (turned out to be 9) articles
  2. Dishes
  3. Bake
  4. Trash
  5. Recycling
  6. Laundry
  7. Write 7 to be caught up
  8. Write 4 to get ahead
  9. Manage Facebook Pages
  10. Clean up Living room
  11. Lunch
  12. Make dinner

I haven’t even had lunch… Ugh! This whole day has involved biting my tongue A LOT because I’ll I can think are swear words…

Okay. Feeling a little bit better but, have  lots to do so, need to run–been thinking a lot about blogging and need to be sure to keep time for it. It’s my sanity at the moment.


Hey–that’s my weakness… Trying to overstretch myself. I assume I can do too much because I want to do certain things but, I want to do other things for other people… Ugh! Well, at least Week 4 of 5 months of Blogging for a Purpose FINALLY got figured out, lol.

Okay–work time.


Sick Sickie

Ugh–well, at it again–getting sick now that we are here and finally settling down. Other than the 5 AM mornings, things are going alright. Hubby is still trying to find a job so, it’s stressful & I am going to start babysitting another little boy (including our 3 kids) who is having trouble here because (WTF) the daycares here don’t do timeouts or anything. They say no but, hardly enforce it at all so, I will possibly be babysitting my sister’s friend/co-worker’s child. Just praying that I am scarier than him mom because he doesn’t listen to her half the time–I feel horrible for her because our kiddos were like that too.

L is in bootcamp for sharing things. And A is in bootcamp for throwing things so, it’s going to be one of those ugh days. Plus, Z is not in a good mood–he’s been fussy all week so, just praying things go a  little more smoothly.

Stayed up too late watching wrestling last night but, the boys slept in a little bit today so, praying that I get a nap too. 😀

Well, time for some more food, before I have 2 more Fantasy Football Drafts this morning–if you’re in a league & still need people, let me know. 🙂 I am going to dive head first into this thing & hopefully learn some stuff & make some friends. 😀

Tootles for now–food, drafts, play with kiddos, lunch, nap… And maybe the park again today. 😀


And SURPRISE to me this week–I need to go get tested for some health issues… :S